'Sister Wives': Kody admits it was a bad decision to move to Flagstaff, fans say he has only himself to blame

'Sister Wives': Kody admits it was a bad decision to move to Flagstaff, fans say he has only himself to blame
Kody Brown (TLC)

In the latest season of 'Sister Wives', viewers got to see the Brown family moving to Flagstaff from Arizona and this saw them rebuilding their lives once again. However, ever since the family moved, things had been looking pretty bad for them with one disaster leading to another. 

It all started with Meri Brown having to move from the house that she first rented. In a sudden turn of events later, Robyn Brown was asked to move out of the house as well.

The uncertainty of where they would live had everyone worried about what was in store for them. To make things worse, none of the sister wives liked Kody Brown's idea of building one big house. 

They also found that the land they had bought to make the houses was a flood-prone area and if they wanted to build a house, they would have to make sure that they make necessary arrangements. This reduced the chances of the family working on the house any time soon. 

This also left all the sister wives confused as the entire idea to move to Flagstaff was to live in a place that would allow everyone to be together. Looking at how bad things were going, Kody admitted that he made a mistake by deciding to move to Flagstaff from Las Vegas. 

He became even more annoyed when he found that Robyn was not in on the idea of buying a house instead of renting one. He tried to explain to her why it was necessary to buy the house but she did not seem convinced.

This upset Kody and he thought that it would have been a better decision to just stay in Las Vegas while adding that they would have saved a lot of money. While Kody seemed to finally agree that the decision was bad, fans blamed him for being reckless and jumping to actions without thinking about the consequences.

"No one told Kody to push to move to flagstaff. He had a whole presentation and shit thinking he had all the answers look ay him now. B***hin like the little b***h boy he is," one fan called him out. 

Another added, "That's right, Kody — you could have stayed in Vegas, but instead you dragged everyone to Flagstaff. That was your idea, homie, no one else's."

Some thought that his actions were selfish as one comment read, "That selfish Kody just will never take responsibility for being the one that screwed up everyone's lives. He is a jerk."

Another echoed, "Kody Brown has to be one of the most selfish individuals I have ever seen on a reality show. The gross part is that he does all this under the guise of 'God's plan' which is so manipulative."

While Kody might agree that he has made a mistake, only the coming episodes will show how he manages to undo it. 'Sister Wives' airs on Sundays at 10 pm ET on TLC.

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