'Sister Wives' star Gwendlyn Brown calls stepmom Robyn 'manipulative', slams dad Kody for defending her

'Sister Wives' star Gwendlyn Brown calls stepmom Robyn 'manipulative', slams dad Kody for defending her
Gwendlyn Brown calls out Robyn Brown's 'manipulative' behavior (Youtube/TLC, Instagram/@gwendlynbrown)

FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA: 'Sister Wives' star Gwendlyn Brown, the 21-year-old daughter of Kody and his ex, Christine Brown, recently shared her final recap of the past season's second part of the one-on-one special. In her recap, she expressed her doubts about the reunion of her extended family anytime soon. The tensions within the Brown family have been escalating in recent years due to Kody's estranged wife, Janelle Brown, and his ex, Christine Brown, both accusing him of favoritism towards Robyn and her children.

Gwendlyn's reaction video sheds more light on the situation, as she voices her concern about Robyn's manipulative behavior. The starlet acknowledges the stress and tension that has developed between her family members, which has caused the rift in the family dynamics to deepen. With Gwendlyn's candid commentary, it becomes apparent that the Brown family's issues go beyond a simple disagreement and are rooted in deeper emotional conflicts. Gwendlyn's final recap of the past season's one-on-one special offers a unique perspective on the ongoing tensions within the Brown family. Her astute observations and candid commentary not only shed light on the underlying issues but also highlights what the future holds for the Brown family.

'It feels manipulative to me'

Gwendlyn Brown, 'Sister Wives' and YouTube star, expressed skepticism about the possibility of a family reunion in a recent YouTube video. While Robyn, Kody's current wife, has expressed her desire for a big polygamist family, Gwendlyn said it is unrealistic given the family's communication issues. "I'm not sure that Robyn can be reunited with it... with Robyn, she's made it very clear that she no longer sees herself as part of the family. I'm not sure if she'll allow that to happen with her kids," Gwendlyn said. She also questioned Robyn's sincerity in wanting a happy family, saying, "She also states that she wants us to be this big happy family but in my experience, that's not true."


Gwendlyn further shared that she feels unable to voice any criticism of Robyn around Kody, who portrays her as a perfect person. "If I ever have an issue with Robyn, it's like, 'Don't ever disrespect Robyn again. She's this perfect, magical, beautiful, wonderful being,'" she said while reacting to the episode. Gwendlyn also accused Robyn of being manipulative when claiming to be the perfect person to talk through emotions. "She doesn't feel like this perfect person to talk through your emotions," Gwendlyn said. "When she says she is and she claims it's going to be this little one-on-one, it feels... manipulative to me." The Brown family has faced tension over the years, with Christine and Janelle Brown accusing Kody of favoring Robyn and her children. While a family reunion may be a distant possibility, Gwendlyn's remarks suggest that communication and trust issues may continue to pose challenges for the Brown family.

Is Robyn Brown the reason behind Kody Brown's splits?

A recent report by The US Sun sheds new light on the ongoing marital issues between Kody, the patriarch of 'Sister Wives', and his fourth and last standing wife, Robyn. According to insiders, Kody is blaming Robyn for the family falling apart. "He's trying to find every reason to blame Robin for everything falling apart in his life," said the source. "He's treating her terribly. He's basically, like, 'You should have done better. You should have worked harder to keep the family together.'"


This is not the first time that Kody has tried to find a scapegoat for his problems. "First it was Meri with the catfishing, then it was Christine, then it was Janelle, and now it's Robyn," said the insider. "It's because he doesn't want to take responsibility for anything." Gwendlyn also observed that the tension between Kody and Robyn has been brewing for the past three months, and it's not looking good for the couple. However, Robyn is not one to put up with Kody's verbal abuse. "Robyn's not one to go run away from a marriage, but she doesn't put up with a lot of s**t. So if her marriage is going to turn into the one she had before, she would never stick around to be verbally put down every day," the insider claimed. "That's just not who she is. She doesn't need it."

Are Kody and Robyn Brown talking about divorce?

Kody recently went on a solo trip to meet up with his three brothers, leaving Robyn at home in Flagstaff, Arizona. And if that wasn't enough, he was seen at the Luxor Hotel & Casino, according to a 'Sister Wives' fan on Reddit. The family's patriarch was also not wearing his wedding ring. Despite the couple not having talked about divorce, it's reportedly not off the table. In the episode where Gwendlyn reacts, Robyn claims that the monogamous lifestyle right now is messing with her identity. Gwendlyn further says that "She seems to want that" when host, Suki asks her if she would be okay with Kody taking on other wives. The patriarch has also abandoned his dream of building a big home on Coyote Pass now that his ex-wives are not with him. This further sheds light on Kody's unsure plans.

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 Sister Wives' Gwendlyn Brown calls stepmom Robyn 'manipulative', slams dad Kody for defending her