Sinitta recalls being sexually assaulted by six men in the music industry and how Simon Cowell reacted to one of her attackers

Sinitta is talking about it now because she says she was tired of being afraid and tired of keeping other people's secrets. More power to her

                            Sinitta recalls being sexually assaulted by six men in the music industry and how Simon Cowell reacted to one of her attackers
Sinitta (Getty Images)

Sinitta is opening up about being sexually assaulted. The singer made a shocking claim that she was sexually assaulted six times by different men in the music industry. Opening up about one of the incidents in her video book, called 'Who Put The Sin In Sinitta', the singer confessed she was left traumatized after the incident took place. "I remember being sat down and he was stood up, he started to unzip his trousers and exposed his manhood," she recalls, as reported by Daily Mail

Sinitta recalls she was assaulted by 6 men in Hollywood (Photo by John Phillips/John Phillips/Getty Images)

"He grabbed the back of my head and tried to force me towards him," she continued. "I pushed him away and told him my mother would be arriving soon, which was a lie, he eventually left, I felt traumatized." She went on to add that initially she thought he was going to help her with her singing career but added that it always comes down to people 'wanting more'.

Sinitta also recalled another incident in which one of her childhood heroes tried forcing 'his tongue down her throat' at a party in 1985.

She added that she was touched up' by the man and 'stumbled down the stairs' to tell her then-boyfriend, Simon Cowell about what happened. She recalled Simon  'went off at him' and was 'quite scary' when he tried to confront the man.

30 years after this experience, Sinitta had yet another experience with assault. She recalled that a different man in another occasion grabbed her and tried to kiss her. The singer added she was subjected to two other incidents by two other men when she started out her career in musicals but added that she was too traumatized to talk about them. 

Recently, the 'So Macho' singer recalled an incident which took place at Simon Cowell's house. As reported by The Mirror, Sinitta mentioned the incident took place when she was showing the rented villa to the guest. While everything seemed to be going good, the guest tried to assault her. "We had different friends coming out. One weekend a man came to stay. At the end of a lovely day of drinks and things, Simon asked me to show him to one of the guest rooms," she said in the interview. 


She recalled Simon walking the man out of the door  (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

“But the villa was huge and sprawling so I thought ‘let him choose which room he likes best’ because they were mostly vacant," she continued. "I took him on a tour of the house and showed him this room and that room. He passed on a lot of rooms with a view. But when we got to the basement – far from everyone – he said ‘Oh, I like this one. I like this one’." At first, Sinitta did not expect anything could go wrong. 

“He threw himself on the bed with his hand behind his head and was like ‘yep, yep, this one is fine for me'," she said. "I was like: ‘Really? No view, no windows? But if this is the one you like, so be it. Sleep well and I’ll see you in the morning’ I leaned over to say goodbye to him with a kiss on the cheek. He grabbed me, pulled me down on top of him and was suddenly on top of me on the bed.”

Sinitta recalled that the situation left her in an awkward position as the man who an influential person from the industry. "I was shocked but even at the moment I recall playing in my head: ‘Has there been anything about my - behavior or my demeanor that has made this man think that I am interested in him?’" she continued. “The answer was definitely NO. I had to get away from him. I was struggling with him a bit but trying not to seem panicked. I fought with him and edged my way from under him." 

Sinitta then tried to fight him but it proved to be unhelpful. "He could tell I was fighting him off but wouldn’t let me go," she added. "I managed to wriggle out from underneath and got to my feet and said: ‘What are you thinking’? But he was just smiling and sneering. He kind of smiled at me, kind of like it. He said: ‘Oh is that what Simon’s into then? You taking charge?’ I was just thinking ‘you revolting person’.” She recalled running to Simon and telling him everything about what happened. 

Sinitta is currently undergoing counseling after being targeted by sexual predators. (Getty Images)

“I was panting, out of breath, thinking I can’t believe that just happened. But also thinking what kind of man tries to force himself on his host’s girl?" she recalled. “I told Simon what happened. He was stunned. It was awful.” The X-Factor judge went on to confront the man and walked him till his car. “They shook hands then Simon pulled him in. You could see there was an aggressive conversation going on. When he’s angry his lips go really thin. He’s a composed person most of the time. He came back and said: ‘I told him not to ever put his f****** hands on you again.’” 

Sinitta claimed the man has “done things to other people” too and added: “It’s terrifying because he is powerful, influential and who knows what the repercussions are for me.

Then addressing her attacker directly in the vook, she had said: “You know who you are. I’ve heard you’ve bragged about this story but exaggerated it and acted like you got more than you got. But you didn’t and you never will. I am not hiding away any longer.”

The singer decided to come forward and open up about her story because she was tired of being afraid and tired of keeping other people's secrets. She is currently undergoing counseling after being targeted by sexual predators.