Struggling single-mom waitress who was tipped $1,000 on a $32 bill donates it to children's charity

When Hofstetter picked up the receipt, she saw they wrote $1,000 in the tip column. There was also a message saying, 'give something for kids.'

                            Struggling single-mom waitress who was tipped $1,000 on a $32 bill donates it to children's charity
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Last Saturday, a generous couple gave a $1,000 tip in a benevolent gesture to a single mother waitress, who served them, after learning that she works through three jobs to support her children.

On July 21, the unnamed couple sat down for dinner at the Hotel Nashville in Nashville, Indiana, when 30-year-old Anna Hofstetter took charge of their table.

The couple revealed to Hofstetter that they had been married in the hotel seven years ago and were back to celebrate their marriage anniversary at the establishment. 

"They sat at a little table near the door, and they said they got married at the Hotel Nashville seven years ago," she said.

The embattled waitress served them the dinner special after a crab artichoke appetizer, after which the pair ordered two Long Island iced teas.

It wasn't long before Hofstetter struck up a conversation with them along with a few other patrons in the restaurant and the topic of her three children came up.

Upon hearing her situation, the kind-hearted couple stunned the single mother when they wrote '$1,000' in the gratuity space when handed a bill for just $32.40.

In the comments section, they wrote: "Give something for your children."

"I said, 'thank you so much. You have no idea how much this means to me,'" Hofstetter told Fox 59, recounting the heart-warming incident. 

While most of us would think, Hofstetter would keep the money aside for her kids' college fund, her own student debts or for special occasions, she, in fact, has other plans. The mother-of-three has decided to use it to serve a bigger purpose.

A few days after she got the generous tip, Hofstetter bumped into Clara Stanley, President of the Brown County Enrichment for Teens Association. Clara along with local kids have been raising funds in order to build a skate and teen park in the area.

After her meeting, Hofstetter decided to contribute the reward to build a skate park in the town for youngsters in the neighborhood to enjoy. 

"It is for my kids, my personal children, but it's also for all the kids in the community. 

"This money was intended for something significant," she said. 

The skating rink will be built as part of a project launched by Kids on Wheels, which aspires to give local children and teenagers a safe outdoor space to play.

"Brown County has been lacking a healthy, wonderful place for children," Stanley said.

"I know Anna is doing a lot of working hours, single mom; $1,000 is big money," she added.

Currently, organizers for the project have already raised $25,000. In order to secure a grant which will match the amount and put their total at $100,000, they have to raise another $25,000 by September 22.

You can contribute to the said project via a fundraising page dedicated to the building funds. The county is yet to approve their humanitarian plans.