Singer Jessie James Decker shares an adorable picture of her fluffy cheeked newborn son

Jessie admits that Forrest is probably going to be her last child. She thinks three is the perfect number to cap the family with.

                            Singer Jessie James Decker shares an adorable picture of her fluffy cheeked newborn son
Jessie James Decker (Source:Getty Images)

The country pop singer-songwriter Jessie James Decker sure seems like a proud mother. She recently took to Instagram to show off her newborn son Forrest to the world. To celebrate the first 12 weeks of his life, she posted an incredibly adorable picture of her baby boy. She captioned the picture, "Love this little chubby cheeked baby boy #12weeksold."  Jessie was even seen wearing a large hat as she enjoyed the sun. But the true highlight of the post was her newborn’s large cheeks.

Forrest was born on March 31. He is her third child with her husband Eric Decker. She also shares her daughter Vivianne and son Eric Jr. with him. She recently shared a picture of her beautiful, young daughter too. In the snapshot, her daughter, who happens to have lovely olive skin, was caught looking right into the camera, holding a half-eaten apple. The picture was captioned, “Tan bunny.”

Unfortunately, this post was met with quite a lot of backlash. Several fans seemed to be concerned about Jessie's parenting skills, for she was allowing her child to get her tan on. “Children shouldn’t be tanning. Skin cancer is never a good look,” wrote one. Another reminded Decker to use protection, writing, “Cute, but don’t forget sunblock ! Very important.” One shared their own skin cancer story, writing, “She’s gorgeous like her parents. I have Italian skin that tanned and ended up with a melanoma at 40. FYI.”

Jessie even shared a family picture a couple days ago over dinner. While everyone in the picture appeared to be putting on a big smile, Eric Jr. was rocking a big fat frown. She captioned the picture, “Almost all smiles at dinner... #meanmugginBubby.”

 Back in October, Jessie spoke to ET about how her third pregnancy was different from her first two. She said: “I do feel good. It's the third time and you never know what to expect with each pregnancy. The first one, my daughter tried to kill me. It was a very intense pregnancy; I was very sick. The second time, my son really took it easy on me. This time, I am getting a little bit of both."

She added: "I had really terrible morning sickness for about eight weeks, only threw up a couple of times though, but it's getting pretty rough. I am feeling a little better, but I still have a major aversion to coffee. And that is my favorite drink in the whole world."

Jesse has however revealed in the past how she has help at home with mommy duties thanks to her husband. The couple who are stars of the reality show Eric & Jesse seem to have a system in place when it comes to parental duties. “He’s so so nurturing and so sensitive,” she says about him. “There’s no gender role when it comes to being mother/father. He’ll do all the mommy stuff. And he doesn’t even have to, but he’s just that amazing. He’ll change every diaper if he has to and he’ll get up in the middle of the night and give Bubby a bottle. He’s just amazing.”

Further elaborating on parenthood she said, “I just hope people take away how much we really love each other. Family is always first for us, but I also hope they can take away that we really work really hard in our individual careers. We’re busting our butts trying to make our dreams come true. So we hope that inspires others and that it inspires our children.”

Jessie also opened up about how her two children were responding to her pregnancy. She shared, "Little Eric still doesn't get it. I keep saying, 'There's a baby in mommy's tummy,' but he's just not there yet. And Vivianne is pulling my shirt up constantly and kissing my tummy, saying, 'I love you,' and calling [the baby] by the name. She is a very nurturing little girl. She's going to be the perfect older sister." Jessie also mentioned that Forrest is probably going to be her last child. She thinks three is the perfect number to complete the family.

 Though Jessie has already had three children, she still seems to be learning, like she said, “you never know what to expect with each pregnancy.” She took to Instagram in May to ask her followers a question about breastfeeding. She shared a candid picture while nursing her third child Forrest, captioning it, “Is it possible for a baby to want to be on the boob 23 hours a day?"

Several celebrity friends like Jessica Alba, Jamie Lynn Spears and Matt Lanter‘s wife Angela were there to help her out. “Mine did,” Jessica, who is a mother of three wrote. Angela added, "I’m living that life.” Even her fans pooled in to share their personal experiences.

"My youngest and last is 9 months and lives on mine, I’m literally sore right now like it was the first few days she nursed when she was born," one fan wrote. Another added, "I thought I was the only one that went through that, I was so exhausted the dr talked me into doing formula and he started sleeping all night the day I switched!!"

This is not the first time Jessie has publicly spoken about her breastfeeding affairs. She narrated a rather stressful yet humorous story on June 5 on Instagram. She wrote: "Sometimes ya gotta eat on the job... when baby is hungry ya gotta feed em no matter what you’re doing. After this shoot (which was about an hour from home) we drove back, me driving, mama and glam team. It starting raining like crazy and Forrest was screaming his head off the entire way to the point of crocodile tears and losing his voice from screaming."