Duffy drops moving track 'River In The Sky', baring her soul after nightmarish sexual assault ordeal

The singer had previously revealed that she had been raped, drugged and held captive in a horrific incident that required her to retire from the public eye in order to fully recover

                            Duffy drops moving track 'River In The Sky', baring her soul after nightmarish sexual assault ordeal
Duffy (Getty Images)

The talented Welsh singer-songwriter and actress Duffy has just come out with a new emotive and moving track called 'River In The Sky'. The new piano-driven song is deeply personal in nature and comes as a result of tragic circumstances. Duffy had previously revealed in February that she had been "raped, drugged and held captive" in a terrifying ordeal that required her to retreat from public life in order to properly recover. Her new single, 'River In The Sky', has so far only been made exclusively available for the public on Duffy’s social media channels. Duffy captioned her new track's release with the words: “For the better days to come.” You can check out the intimate and haunting song by clicking here.

Duffy (courtesy of artiste)

Soon after her harrowing and torturous experience, which would have left any human being's spirit broken, Duffy took the brave first step of sharing new music by sending Jo Whiley an “only for radio” track, called ‘Something Beautiful’ in March. The beautifully raw and poignant ‘River In The Sky’ is another step for Duffy, as she becomes a little more confident to “sing again.” The new song discusses sorrow and the desire to be unburdened, as the 35-year-old Duffy sings, “As I walk this life, doubt on my mind, I pray to fly, burden-free.” 

On her personal blog, Duffy had also written, “I never knew if I would get to the place of being able to do this, I am grateful to get here. Not everyone has the privilege of being able to talk, such as I am doing today,” as she explained in detail the account of a rape and kidnap ordeal that would steal “thousands of days from her life.” She further explained, "Finally, the realization that the very thing that hurt me, will become the very thing that heals me. I faced a deeply inhumane experience; only humanity can heal that.”

Singer Duffy performs on stage at the Sydney Opera House on March 26, 2009, in Sydney, Australia. (Getty Images)

Duffy's fans were being incredibly supportive on social media soon after the 'River In The Sky' track dropped. One admirer said, "You're amazing and inspiring Duffy". An awestruck supporter said, "Your magnificent talent takes my breath away!" while another declared, "That was mesmerizing."

Another fan concluded, "So sorry for your horrible ordeal. I hope you can fully recover from it someday. You are an amazing talent and I hope you have a long and successful career and a happy personal life." We're really glad Duffy is taking steps to forge ahead to the happy days she deserves and is now reclaiming her power and confidence. It's ultimately a triumph of the human spirit and Duffy has shown she is more than capable of responding to her nightmarish experience with beautiful, spirited art and an honest, courageous voice.

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