Aubrey O'Day slams resurfaced viral photo where she looks unrecognizable, accuses media of clickbaiting

Aubrey O'Day provided proof of what she looked like now to debunk the viral photo that the Internet is buzzing about

                            Aubrey O'Day slams resurfaced viral photo where she looks unrecognizable, accuses media of clickbaiting
Aubrey O'Day (Getty Images)

Singer-songwriter Aubrey O'Day has slammed media for abusing women's bodies after a picture of her surfaced online that showed her looking significantly different from her past photos. Donning a Black swimwear and holding a message on paper with almost no makeup, Aubrey O'Day wrote in her September 1 tweet, “It's so sick what ppl will do for clickbait! and that my lawyer needed this photo to defend me against it.. when is this industry going to stop abusing women’s bodies! Sorry my place is a mess, currently remodeling my glam room- I’m sure it’ll be written that I’m a hoarder next!” 


This post came in response to a viral photo that showed Aubrey in a totally different avatar. The picture showed a woman wearing a bra top and shorts as she walked her pet dog. The woman in the photo looked healthy and had on a calm expression. A user tweeted the photo saying, “This is Aubrey O’day recently. I just hope everything is okay tbh !” 



As per the Internet, this photo shows the tremendous transformation of the television personality who is quite active on Instagram and reportedly posts filtered and airbrushed images, endorsing the idea of slimness. In an August 21 Instagram post, Aubrey posted a snap of herself looking slim in a Black swimsuit as she advertised the Flat Tummy App. She captioned it, “Nothing beats a poolside workout, and with my new @flattummyapp I can do my workout anywhere, anytime. With 450+ workouts, 850+ recipes, personalized meal plans, progress tracking, AND more, just can’t go wrong with this app. Can’t wait to see the progress as I continue with the workouts 👊 Get the FREE trial today and join me.” Since July, the 36-year-old has been posting a series of hot bikini shots on her Instagram. For Instance, on July 15, she donned Rihanna's Savage X Fenty line and made sure to tag the brand in her post. 

Previously the songwriter has revealed that she has known tricks to change her appearance. “I’ve had lip fillers and Botox. I put a lot of filters” she told The Us Weekly exclusively at the Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition premiere in West Hollywood in 2019. “I know all the tricks and I use them.” She revealed how she had been earlier mocked for her appearances where she had been objectified but she never let criticism get to her. “I think the worst comment I ever read, and then I didn’t read anymore, was, ‘She looks like an old leather handbag that’s been put in the dryer 15 times.’ That was one of my faves” she was quoted at US Weekly.

Aubrey continued on how there is a demand for women to have a certain body shape: “I wish I was youthful in regards to my energy. I can’t do Barry’s Bootcamp twice a day anymore. As I get older, there’s so much pressure on women to be skinny or to have tinier bodies and every little inch that I gain I’m so affected by it, and I’ve gotten to a place that I’m like, I’m healthy, I don’t take drugs, I barely drink, I exercise every day and I feel mentally happy. I don’t need anything other than what I’m doing because it’s working for me.”

After she posted on Twitter slamming the media over judging her, many users on the Internet came in her support. However, some felt she needed to start being more honest about editing photos and having surgery. Her fan came in her support, “Aubrey I as a man would never degrade insult or judge I truly have adoration and in truth would honestly love to be in an honest to heart loving committed devoted faithful romance with you I have full respect and honestly deep adoration for you.” 



Others expressed their disdain over people pouncing on the singer over her body. “Love you, Aubrey! Shameful that people have been commenting on your body. Sending you lots of positive energy.”  



Some suggested her to ignore the haters. “Ignore them Aubrella. Trumpers need click bait. You know they have attention span of a fruit fly. No disrespect to fruit flies.”  



Others called her critics as gross. “Ew people are gross. Sorry you had to do this, love.” 


However, some had a different opinion.“Listen, there are plenty of things I don’t care for about Aubrey O’Day, but I’m not okay with the body shaming due to her weight gain when just days ago we were preaching not to body shame because we don’t know what battles people are fighting (Re: Chadwick). I hate it here.” 



Another concurred, “Look. I’m not body shaming Aubrey O’Day - but women, especially in the spotlight - need to start being more honest about editing photos and having surgery (looking at you Khloe K!). Anything less is irresponsible and damaging to young girls and their self esteem.” 


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