'Sing On!': Meet Alyssa who floored Patti LaBelle with 'voice of an angel' when she was merely 12 years old

The contestant was working at a restaurant when she had the chance to meet LaBelle and sing to her

                            'Sing On!': Meet Alyssa who floored Patti LaBelle with 'voice of an angel' when she was merely 12 years old
Alyssa and Patti LaBelle (Netflix/Getty Images)

There's no denying that all the singers on Netflix's latest karaoke competition show are exceptionally talented. But one particular singer has been vouched for by none other than the legendary singer Patti LaBelle! Episode 2 of 'Sing on!' introduced us to a rather interesting roster of contestants who were happy to show off their karaoke prowess, while keeping their eyes on the $60,000 prize.

One such contestant was Alyssa. A sales consultant by profession, Alyssa revealed a very interesting story about the time she crossed paths with Patti LaBelle. During the show, the host Tituss Burgess asked the contestants some fun questions to help us get to know them better. So, when it was Alyssa's turn, Tituss asked her to share something about her interaction with the celebrity musician. 

Alyssa then began recounting an incident from when she was 12 years old. She explained how she was working at a restaurant and heard that LaBelle was on the premise. So, Alyssa went running to her and reportedly begged for an opportunity to showcase her singing skills. Luckily, LaBelle was more than happy to hear out Alyssa. By the end of Alyssa's performance, LaBelle was feeling very impressed and proceeded to shower compliments upon her. 

According to Alyssa, LaBelle praised her by saying that she has the "voice of an angel". Well, looks like LaBelle might be onto something. On the show, Alyssa gave a very impressive performance. She is not only talented but also turned out to be an extremely practical and competitive contestant. She was ready to eliminate or vote against anybody who she believed was coming in the way of making extra money at the end of each round. Alyssa went on to be the second runner up on the show. Aside from Alyssa, there were many other interesting contestants on the show, such as Grace. 19-Year-old Grace happened to be the youngest contestant on the show. Although Grace was eliminated at the end of the first round, we wouldn't be surprised if we see her popping up in the music industry few years down the line. 

'Sing On!' is available for streaming on Netflix.

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