EXCLUSIVE | Sinfidelity’s Aidan Bristow says co-actor Jade Tailor got him the role's offer: 'She's amazing'

'The most challenging scene was definitely struggling and fighting that I do with Angela's (Jade Tailor) character. I tried to make sure that was done safely'

                            EXCLUSIVE | Sinfidelity’s Aidan Bristow says co-actor Jade Tailor got him the role's offer: 'She's amazing'
Aidan Bristow (Lifetime Movies)

When it comes to thriller suspense, the "bad guy" always steals the show. 'Sinfidelity' that stars Aidan Bristow as a psycho photographer who obsessively falls in love with a married woman, surely stands tall in that category. Right from being the nice guy who wants to win the lady, to his transformation into a psychopath, Bristow gave an amazing performance.

One of his best scenes in the movie is where he is swiftly dancing with the knife in his hand while waiting for Angela to come home. Later, he takes the knife and points it out to a picture frame of Angela and her husband Greg. In an exclusive tell-all interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), the actor reveals how a finance guy turned into an actor and also about his friendship with actress Jade Tailor.


How would you define the title of the movie? Is it Sin + Infidelity or does it mean infidelity as a sin?

I think the title, 'Sinfidelity' is clever and cheeky and take the two concepts of fidelity which I think is for most relationships to be successful and an important landmark and a goal to strive for and then there is sin which doesn't only includes the infidelity part but also the murder. I think it kind of combines those two elements in a fun cheeky way.

Tell us one scene from the movie which was challenging for you or perhaps where you struggled quite a bit?

The most challenging scene was definitely struggling and fighting that I do with Angela's (Jade Tailor) character. I tried to make sure that was done safely. And the most fun scene was the coffee shop scene that I had with Jade, it had a lot of chunky dialogues. It was an emotional scene for her because, you know, she's at that point in the story where she believes that her husband is having an affair. And that's really hard for a character to deal with. And I'm kind of consoling her and it's also where the relationship takes like a shift and informs what happens in the rest of the movie. It's where she decides to take a risk and a chance and to break her own rules a little bit and have an affair because she feels like she's justified to do it.

We had a chat with Mark Sullivan (Greg), he told us that he met director Tamar Halpern when she was developing her play 'Memorial'. How did you meet her and how did you get the role?

Yeah, so Jade got the initial offer because she's like amazing and a star and so she was in talks with Tamar for me. Jade and I are friends for the past 10 years now and our friendship actually started from an acting class. And yes, she's like one of my best friends. She had referred me to Tamar after she had signed on to the project and got permission for me to do an audition tape. And so, Jade gave me a copy of her script. They gave me two scenes to do but then there was like two or three other scenes that I thought I wanted to do, so I taped them as well and sent it to Jade the next day, which she forwarded to Tamar and luckily, Tamar then asked me to come on board. 

From finance to films, how did you make that transition in your career? What plans do you have for the future in the film industry?

When I came out of college, I got an offer to work on Wall Street with JP Morgan. Later, I was working at a production company called Revelations Entertainment, which is Morgan Freeman's production company. And I was mostly working with the accounting department on film budgets. At the same time, I was also working as an assistant on SATs and also worked as an extra and tried to do as many things as possible to get an experience to understand how the world of film and TV works. Then I took some acting classes and later, I worked with some really great acting coaches and I got lucky on a couple of short films and some low-budget feature films. I got a lot of inspiration while this time, especially through some great teachers that I had that really inspired me a lot.

What is your dream role? Like, tell us about one movie or TV show which you would like to see yourself in?

Honestly, it's mostly directors for me. I have some favorite directors with whom I would love to work with. Christopher Nolan is definitely one of my favorite directors. Also, I really like Jeff Nichols, his movie 'Take Shelter' is just amazing.

How are you holding up during the pandemic?

I live alone in Los Angeles. And, yeah, I got very lonely during the pandemic, and it doesn't feel as awesome as it used to. So there's definitely that but, you know, through like Zoom and Hangouts, it got a little easier. I've done a lot of hanging out at parks while following the social distancing norms, with my friends.

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