Adele's husband Simon Konecki could get half of her $195 million fortune when they divorce

Adele's husband Simon Konecki could get half of her $195 million fortune when they divorce
Adele (Source : Getty Images)

After it became official that 'Skyfall' singer Adele and her husband Simon Konecki have separated after seven years together, it is being reported that 45-year old Konecki could get half of the singer's £150 million ($195 million) fortune when they divorce.

According to The Sun, the couple has not signed a pre-nup agreement, and lawyers said their marriage can be deemed in the "medium bracket" by the courts based on their son Angelo's birth in 2012.

Lawyer Emma Gill said:  “If it was a short marriage, Adele would probably walk off into the sunset with her £150million fortune intact," according to the Sun.

“Because it’s pushed into that medium-length bracket, and some of her successes are squarely within her relationship with Simon, they might be liable to be shared - in other words, Simon could be entitled to half.”


Adele and Simon Konecki had tried all they could in their power to stay together (Getty Images)

Earlier, the star’s spokesman confirmed that Adele and her charity CEO partner had separated after living separate lives for years.  A month before the divorce, Adele was seen partying with her friend Jennifer Lawrence at a New York Club.

According to The Sun's sources, Adele and Simon wed in secret in 2016 after five years of dating. But those close to the couple revealed that their lives had recently taken them “in different directions and to different continents”.

Adele has also been spotted enjoying nights out with her Hollywood friends, who include Emma Stone, Amy Schumer and Ayda Field. The source also revealed that the couple tried everything in their power to stay together but in the end the time they were spending apart became too extreme.


“They enjoy spending time at each other’s pads in LA and New York, hosting dinners and movie nights. At the same time Simon has been travelling to oversee projects. His passion for his cause and his success just took him away from his wife. They drifted in different directions.”

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