Simon Cowell's four-year-old son steals the show after making a surprise appearance on 'X Factor'

Simon Cowell's four-year-old son stole Sunday's 'X Factor' as he gave Louis Tomlinson a high-five after introducing himself

                            Simon Cowell's four-year-old son steals the show after making a surprise appearance on 'X Factor'

Simon Cowell's adorable four-year-old son Eric stole the spotlight on Sunday's show of 'The X Factor' when he made an unexpected debut on the judging panel. 58-year-old Cowell was sitting along with the other 'X Factor' judges when his four-year-old son ran up to surprise him at work. 

The judging panel which compromised of Ayda Field, Robbie Williams, and Louis Tomlinson were delighted at Eric's surprise appearance. A shocked Simon saw his son walking up to him and said, "Oh my goodness!"

During filming, Ayda Field and her husband Robbie Williams were expecting a third child via surrogacy and were seen gushing over the child. Simon also proudly introduced his son Eric to Louis Tomlinson for the first time ever. 


The 26-year-old star from 'One Direction' shared, "We've never met" as music mogul Simon said, "Eric, this is Louis". Louis and Eric proceeded to shake each other's hands and then, in an adorable moment, they high-fived each other. Simon couldn't resist the urge to cuddle his son and said, "Give me a kiss. I love you!" before little Eric ran off backstage wearing a pair of headphones.

The very sweet incident left viewers and fans going crazy and many took to social media to talk about how sweet the incident was. One user wrote, "OMG Eric is absolutely adorable ♥️♥️ #XFactor". While another user added, "LOUIS AND ERIC HAVING A HIGH FIVE OMG FAVORITE MOMENT ALREADY #XFactor". Another viewer shared, "How gorgeous is little Eric #XFactor".


Sunday's show on 'The X Factor' also saw Louis Tomlinson and Ayda Field overwhelmed with emotion after they heard 24-year-old Dalton Andre Harris' childhood story. The pair was very touched by Dalton's rendition of the Elton John classic 'Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word' so much so that they rushed onto the stage to hug Dalton when he had finished performing. 

Before his audition, Dalton Andre shared, "We were very poor. We had one room that we sectioned into different parts. We never had electricity or running water. It was a humble life. Not everyone would want that but it was right for me. It’s not a sad story, it’s how I came out of that and how I’m triumphant. I’m very proud of that. This is probably the biggest break I’ll ever get. This is single-handedly the most important moment of my life." He then went on to give a killer performance which really impressed the judges.