'Signs' or 'Znaki' Season 2: Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about the Polish thriller

'Signs' or 'Znaki' Season 2: Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about the Polish thriller
Andrzej Konopka (AXN)

If you’re a fan of European noir crime dramas like ‘The Mire’, ‘The Forest’, and ‘The Woods’, then this Polish series that’s about to drop its second season on Netflix is exactly what you need! 'Signs' or ‘Znaki’ Season 2 will arrive on the streaming site months after season 1 aired, which first premiered in Poland on October 10, 2018, but arrived on Netflix on July 22, 2020. 

Release date

'Signs' or ‘Znaki’ Season 2 ran from April 7, 2020, to May 26, 2020, in Poland on AXN. But it will be available on Netflix for U.S. audiences on September 16, 2020. 



Season 1 of ‘Znaki' or 'Signs' ends on a gritty, disturbing reveal. The local holy man Jonasz's (Andrzej Mastalerz) resident ward, Dorota (Paulina Galazka), was used as a murder weapon by the police department's very own Krzysztof Sobczyk (Piotr Trojan) to kill his victims for being “unclean women”. Copying his former boss Commissioner Jan Dzikowski's (Zbigniew Stryj) crime from a decade ago, Krzysztof decided to punish local women for crimes such as infidelity and homosexuality. His latest victim at the end of the debut season was the protagonist and new Commissioner Michal Trela's (Andrzej Konopka) closeted daughter Nina (Magdalena Zak) who he had assumed was romantically into him.


The final scene of season 1 ends with Nina tied to a chair and Dorota smothering her. We don't know whether Nina survives the attack, but it's clear Jonasz too is aware of his ward's tendencies and lets her roam free to aid the actual murderer. Nina's fate is something only the second season can positively reveal.

Season 2 will likely pick up from there. But it will have an additional central plot, considering that season 1’s plot was more or less wrapped up. In season 2 of ‘Signs’ or ‘Znaki’, a pair of travelers also disappear under mysterious circumstances. A continuous search is underway. However, the investigation goes off track when the commissioner finds out who is responsible for the disappearance of his only child. “Evil in Sowie Doły does not sleep,” as per AXN. “And the inhabitants of the town, gripped by fear, witness strange events.”



Andrzej Konopka as Commissioner Michal Trela

Andrzej Konopka. (IMDb)

Konopka is a Polish actor most notably known for his roles as Krzysztof 'Doktor' Starowicz in 'The Border' (2014), Perkusista in 'The Lure' (2015), Nogaj in 'Solid Gold' (2019) and Krzysiek Jurecki in 'Nie rób scen' (2015).


Helena Sujecka as Adrianna Nieradka

Helena Sujecka. (Getty Images)

Sujecka is a Polish actress, known for her roles as Kitka in 'Wonderful Summer' (2010), Asia in 'Little Crushes' (2014), Elena Dovlatova in 'Dovlatov' (2018) and Helena in the upcoming 'Merry Go Round' (2020). Her other works include 'Dark, Almost Night', 'Ultraviolet', 'The Innocents' and many more. 


Magdalena Zak as Nina Trela

The 29-year-old Polish actor can be seen in 'Cicha noc' (2017) and 'M jak milosc' (2000) other than 'Znaki'. 


‘Signs’ or ‘Znaki’ is created by Przemysław Hoffmann, and Błażej Przygodzki. The series has been written by Przemysław Hoffmann, Błażej Przygodzki, Artur Kowalewski, Paulina Murawska, Wojciech Miłoszewski, Jakub Miszczak, Katarzyna B. Miszczuk, Ewa Fita, and Marzena Podgórska. It has been directed by Jakub Miszczak, Marcin Ziębiński, and Monika Filipowicz.



The following is the Polish-language trailer for ‘Signs’ or ‘Znaki’ Season 2. From the looks of it, it promises to be as eerie and intense as the first part.



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