'Siesta Key' Season 4: Sam's ex and Kelsey's new lover to be a part of the show? Reunion hints at Cara's return

'Siesta Key' Season 4: Sam's ex and Kelsey's new lover to be a part of the show? Reunion hints at Cara's return
Cara Geswelli, Sam Logan and Kelsey Owens (MTV)

'Siesta Key' Season 3 ended on a high. In the reunion episode, we were privy to some of the big and happy developments in the lives of the cast members. Kelsey Owens has moved on from Garrett Miller and is dating new guy Max Strong, Madisson Hausburg is engaged to Ish Soto and they have bought their first house together in Los Angeles and Juliette Porter is going strong with Sam Logan whom she used to be friends with but have very recently found out they could be a good match together.

The couple even made their relationship official by sharing a kiss at Madisson's farewell party. But Chloe Trautman seemed concerned about the relationship. During the reunion episode, she shared that sometimes the past catches up to all of us. She referred to Sam's ex, Brittany Russell, who Juliette had been friends with for a long time. Although the showrunners have been tight-lipped about Season 4, if there's one, we can hope Max and Brittany play a recurring role. With Alex Kompothecras fired over racist remarks and Madisson moving to LA, the show will need cast members to fill in the void, and what could be better than an ex-lover and a rebound?

This apart, there are chances of Garrett's ex, Cara Geswelli, returning to the show. JJ Miller addressed pictures of him and Cara that were quite a hit on the Internet. They hung out and had a fling with JJ after she reconnected with Garrett when she visited Siesta Key briefly. Host Jeannie Mai asked if Cara did it to be on the show, to which Kelsey readily agreed. Do we get to see more of Kelsey and Garrett? They split on a bitter note with Garrett trying all he could to save his relationship but she would push him away indirectly. Fed up with her passiveness, he decided to call it quits. Later, they exchanged notes and were able to tie all the loose ends in a better way. That was when he was able to rekindle the old relationship with Kelsey.

'Siesta Key' Season 3 reunion aired on Tuesday, August 25, on MTV. Meanwhile, viewers cannot wait for the next season. There has been no update on the 'Season 4' release date yet.

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