Why is Alex Kompothecras not returning to show? 'Siesta Key' star allegedly draggged shark behind speed boat

In Season 3, Alex's scenes and dialogues were edited out from the show

                            Why is Alex Kompothecras not returning to show? 'Siesta Key' star allegedly draggged shark behind speed boat
Alex Kompothecras from 'Siesta Key' (Instagram)

Alex Kompothecras was an integral part of 'Siesta Key' until MTV severed ties with the reality TV star over old racist posts. In Season 3, his scenes and dialogues were edited out and for the current one, he has been dropped from the roster altogether.

While Alex has never stepped forward to clarify the claims, there's enough and more evidence that his lifestyle got him into trouble. By that, we don't just mean racist posts. There was a time when he was accused of animal cruelty.      


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Ahead of 'Siesta Key' premiere, the cast party had to be canceled after Alex received death threats. A disturbing video of a shark being dragged to death behind a speed boat went viral, which a few activists connected to Alex, Nicki Swift reported. However, following an extensive investigation, it was found that he was not involved in any way. But Alex would regularly post videos and images of him with fresh catches from his hunt.


"There are images of me and I feel horrible,” he told People but never confirmed if he was a part of the controversial video. "I’ve made my share of bad decisions and I feel horrible, but all I can say is that I would not make those decisions again. I was being stupid, but I’ve grown from that.”

He continues to hunt (whatever is allowed legally) but the reckless days are behind him and he is finally focussing on his young family, which includes girlfriend Alyssa Salerno and daughter Alessi. Despite the pandemic, they have found love and peace in each other. They spend enough time at home and nurturing their little one together.


"Sunday we celebrated Alessi’s christening and today we celebrate her being 9 months old! Our sweet, smiley, smart and adventurous baby girl is growing too fast for Mama! I love this photo because yes she slept her entire baptism," Alyssa wrote on Instagram. While many think theirs is a rushed relationship since they began dating only in June 2019, the two have proved most wrong with how strong they have been going.

Catch 'Siesta Key' Season 4 when it premieres on May 12 on MTV at 8/7c. For more information, check your local listings. 

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