'Siesta Key': Garret shuts down Jake when he tells Kelsey he's good for her, fans say 'he claimed his girl'

Fans cannot believe Garrett finally stepped up and took over Jake trying to have a conversation with Kelsey

                            'Siesta Key': Garret shuts down Jake when he tells Kelsey he's good for her, fans say 'he claimed his girl'
Garrett Miller, Kelsey Owens (MTV)

It seems like the thanksgiving dinner arranged by Chloe Trautman at an undisclosed location was nothing but a ploy to stir the pot even further. As Juliette Porter and Chloe got to setting up the table, the latter informed she invited everyone she knew because it would be rude to leave anyone out. On a regular day, that sly jab would have ensured a bitter argument but this time Chloe was setting up the stage for something major. 

As the host, Chloe kickstarted the "what are you grateful for" quiz, which resulted in some uncomfortable but honest confessions and triggered conversations that should have happened a long time ago. Jake Peterson has not moved on from Kelsey Owens and that is evident in the way he walked up to her and tried to make her realize how much of an awesome boyfriend he has been to her. 

Usually, Garrett Miller, who is currently dating Kelsey, keeps himself out of such situations. But this time, he stepped up and showed Jake his place by asking him if he hadn't understood that he (Garrett) and Kelsey are together and serious about each other. "Did you not understand?" Garrett asked Jake with a serious expression. At one point, it seemed as though they would come to blows but Kelsey's friend took Jake away for a drink.

Soon after, Kelsey hugged Garret and said: "I am done with this s**t." Garret needed to hear that because of two reasons. First, his previous relationship with Cara Geswelli was underlined by uncertainty. It was one where he put in efforts, showered her with love but she was unphased by all his gestures and would hardly ever come clean about her feelings for him. This went on for a while until they finally split. Second, this is the second time Garret and Kelsey are coming together. Last time, they seemed like a much-in-love couple, but they parted ways on a bitter note. 

Meanwhile, fans cannot stop praising Garrett and how he stood up for himself and his relationship. "Garrett finally got some balls #siestakey," a fan commented, while another shared: "Uhn uhn Garrett that’s right put him in check 'did you not understand' #siestakey." Another said, "Garrett walking over and claiming his girl = super attractive. #siestakey." One said, "Garrett FINALLY checking jake. Oddly that was very attractive LMAO #siestakey."

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