'Siesta Key' Episode 16 Preview: Alyssa and Alex's pregnancy leaves Juliette in tears, fans call her pathetic

Fans are however slamming Juliette for wanting to dent the couple's relationship

                            'Siesta Key' Episode 16 Preview: Alyssa and Alex's pregnancy leaves Juliette in tears, fans call her pathetic
Juliette Porter, Alex Kompothecras, Alyssa Salerno (MTV)

'Siesta Key' Season 3 is turning out to be quite the conversation-starter. Ever since this MTV-backed docuseries returned from its mid-season break, it has been churning out drama like no one's business. 

Juliette Porter probably thought if she told Alyssa Salerno about Alex Kompothecras and their hookup story in Nashville it would create a rift between them, but they got back together stronger and are now expecting a baby. Juliette was blissfully unaware of this and so were most of the cast members of 'Siesta Key', which explains the shock on their faces when they received the big news.

In tonight's episode, Chloe Trautman tells Kelsey Owens and Madisson Hausburg that Alyssa is pregnant with Alex's baby. While they are numb and don't know how to react to the information, Juliette cries inconsolably while saying: "He wins." Juliette is heartbroken but this shouldn't come as a surprise to her. Alex and Alyssa have been in a relationship for a while now and it's only a matter of time before they took the next step. Probably, she was hoping their one-night stand in Nashville would open up newer avenues and help them get close to each other like before. 

However, with Alex being fired and edited out of the show, maybe Juliette will get another storyline to hold on to. In the post-mid-season preview clip, we see her show interest in a new man, Sam, whom she calls "fully loaded". And this led to viewers speculating if she was with Alex and Robby Hayes for the money. 

Meanwhile, fans have been calling out Juliette left, right and center. "Juliette got f***in audacity. She wanted Alex to be miserable and desperate and run back to her and is mad he didn’t. You had guilt cause you was trifflin #SiestaKey," a viewer commented. While another shared: "See Juliette wanted revenge and to get Alex’s ugly ass back all along. Now she’s boohooing cause Alex got Alyssa pregnant and not her. pathetic. All in this love triangle are pathetic #SiestaKey."

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