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'Siesta Key' Season 3: Juliette's friends wonder if she's dating the new guy because he's a billionaire

That's a strong opinion to have but Juliette hasn't left anyone with any option really
Juliette Porter (MTV)
Juliette Porter (MTV)

Juliette Porter's love life is one of the highlights of 'Siesta Key' and more so this season.

This time, the story begins with her moving on from former lover Alex Kompothecras and dating Robby Hayes, albeit briefly. Juliette splits with the new guy upon realizing she may have feelings for Alex and finds herself being drawn towards him. But Alex has moved on with Juliette's hairdresser Alyssa Salerno and is serious about her and their future together. 

But what happened in Nashville changed the equation altogether. For Alex hooking up with Juliette may have been nothing more than a mistake, but for her, it opened up newer possibilities. Which explains why she was previously adamant on letting Alyssa know of their one-night stand. But Alex is soon going to be a thing of the past. The season preview hints at another relationship, and this time it's with a billionaire. "He's hot, he's loaded," Juliette tells friends, Kelsey Owens and Chloe Trautman. They are happy for her and even ask how different does it feel "f***ing a billionaire?" But the good times last only for a little while. Juliette is shown to break down after one of her friends asks her if she is dating the new boy only for his money. 

That's a strong opinion to have but Juliette hasn't left anyone with any option really. Like Juliette, most of her friends are confused as to what to think of her rollercoaster of a dating life. Let's hope this time, she has chosen the right guy.

Her former flame Robby seemed nice at first but slowly and steadily he managed to pull Juliette away from her friends. At one point in time, no one would talk to her. She had to even skip one of the parties because she feared judgment. Her friends warned her that Robby was a bad idea and that he was only with her for her social media influencer status. 

Here's hoping Juliette isn't doing the same to the new guy what Robby may have done to her?

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