'Siesta Key': Jared calls Robby 'childish' for clapping during Juliette and Amanda's big fight and fans agree

Robby was seen clapping and cheering for Juliette as she got into a fight with Amanda after her big showdown with Chloe

                            'Siesta Key': Jared calls Robby 'childish' for clapping during Juliette and Amanda's big fight and fans agree
Robby and Jared on 'Siesta Key' (MTV)

In this week's 'Siesta Key' episode, Juliette is ready and enjoying a new life with Robby. He is a staple in all of her parties and friendly gatherings, but her once-best friend Chloe is not one bit impressed with him as she feels he could be using her and her status as a social media influencer.

Even though it's in her best interest, Juliette won't be listening to Chloe. At least not after what went down at her housewarming party with Chloe coming at her with a ton of allegations about how she wasn't being a good friend to her by not calling her and asking her out on shopping dates like before.

This could have ended with Juliette agreeing to everything Chloe had to say (mostly because it was true and she has been busy with her relationship with Robby) but she decided to unload blames on her for being pally with her ex Alex.

When Juliette and Kelsey were setting up their house, the former said in clear terms that she felt betrayed by Chloe adding that she would happily take off Chloe's name from her guest list for the housewarming party. 

However, what seemed like a heated argument quickly turned into a physical fight, during which Chloe flicked Juliette's hand and as a reaction to it, she clocked her in the head and pulled her hair.

Friends intervened and Chloe left the scene but Amanda wasn't done with the show. She confronted Juliette for exhibiting inappropriate behavior to which Juliette said it was none of her business and she should stay out of it.

Just when things had started to heat up between the two, Robby began clapping and cheering for Juliette for showing Amanda her place.

As Brandon and Amanda began to make their exit, Jared stepped in and questioned Robby's behavior, especially the clapping bit. He even tweeted: "Robby clapping was very childish to promote violence grow up #SiestaKey."

Meanwhile, fans online too have expressed their disgust over Robby's unnatural response to the flare-up. 

"Ew Robby is a disgusting human. When my man stands up for me, he's not in the background clapping and cheering me on. Nobody touches me when he's around and it doesn't matter who started it. GTFOH with that weak shit. #Siestakey," a fan wrote.

"Robby clapping at a bunch of drama and physical altercations with girls 10 years younger than her instead of helping the situation proved he’s as immature as a 12-year-old. I’d punch him in the face so freaking fast #SiestaKey," another posted.

"1st episode: eh robby isn’t that bad 2nd episode: why is this boy clapping like a monkey #SiestaKey," a viewer shared. "Robby Juliette's boyfriend ain't shit either. Like WTF you clapping for doofus? #SiestaKey," another wondered.

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