'Siesta Key': Fans come out in support of Juliette after she punches Chloe in the head and pulls her hair

'Siesta Key': Fans come out in support of Juliette after she punches Chloe in the head and pulls her hair
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One of the mainstay friendships of 'Siesta Key' has ended this week, or at least for a while. Juliette and Chloe got into a scuffle at the former's housewarming party. And from the looks of it, their newfound enmity is going to be stretched out. 

The tension between them has been palpable but no one really spoke about it until it got too much. They were both making assumptions about each other and each one was silently convinced that the other person was at fault.

It all started when Chloe got pally with Juliette's ex boyfriend Alex. There was a time when Chloe had warned Juliette about Alex and had even asked her to stay away from her but the minute they went separate ways, Chloe extended an olive branch to him, which eventually led to them being friends.

This has been bothering Juliette for a while, so much so that she had even omitted Chloe from her housewarming party guest list. However, Chloe arrived and it was all well until she made a remark about Juliette's new boyfriend, Robby, who she thinks is only around her for personal gains.


What started as a mature conversation between two friends trying to sort out their issues turned into a heated argument, and later snowballed into a fistfight that included some amount of hair-pulling as well. Shaken at her behavior, Chloe left the scene, prompting Madisson to follow her out on the street.

Seconds into the conversation, Chloe shared that all she was telling her was that she had been upset about Juliette not making calls or asking her out on shopping dates and surrounding herself with people (like Robby) who are only taking advantage of her. While Madisson hugged her, the drama in the house escalated to another level with Amanda standing up for Chloe and Juliette asking her to leave because what went down between the two was none of her business. Robby supported Juliette through and through, assuring her that she didn't have to feel terrible about the incident. 



In the preview, we see Chloe filing for a police complaint about the fight and fans online are blasting her for causing problems and then not being ready to face the consequences. Some even pointed out that she has double standards because she had never taken action when Amanda (in the previous season) broke her nose. 

"Chloe had no business being there in the first place. She came in salty and ready to cause problems but not deal with the fallout #SiestaKey," a fan wrote. "About time @juliettep0rter stuck up for herself all they do is bully her then cry victim im gald she shut Chloe up once and for all shes always trying to ruin her relationships #jealous #getalife #SiestaKey," another wrote.

"@chloe_trautman hit @juliettep0rter hand first and got up, why would Juliet not react. Look, i don't think her actions were right but Chloe deserved it. That girl talks so much shit and she instigates, shit it was bound to happen lol. #SiestaKey," a viewer pointed out. "chloe had her nose BROKEN... but gets her hair pulled a little punch in the back of the head and files a POLICE REPORT? petty ass bitch juliette should’ve knocked her ass out if she was going to go that far #siestakey," another posted. 


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