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'Siesta Key': Are Alex and Juliette still in love with each other? Fans say yes, feel 'they moved on too fast'

In this week's episode of Alex and Juliette hugged each other and shared their concerns
UPDATED MAR 19, 2020
Juliette Porter and Alex Kompothecras (MTV)
Juliette Porter and Alex Kompothecras (MTV)

Alex Kompothecras and Juliette Porter share a love-hate relationship on 'Siesta Key.' There was a time when they were head-over-heels in love with each other but ever since Alex cheated on her, they have been going back and forth with their relationship. Even though they have both moved on, their actions speak otherwise. 

Robby Hayes, Juliette's ex-boyfriend, told her that she broke up with him right after she met Alex, which made it clear that she still harbors feelings for him.

Even though she vehemently denied it, Juliette was often found walking up to Alex, trying to clear their stance out. They even spoke on the phone for hours but Alex kept it from Alyssa Salerno, his girlfriend.

If he had been clear in his head and wanted Juliette just to be someone from his past, he could have admitted and come clean to Alyssa about his phone calls with Juliette and the fact that they still interact with each other.

The hug in today's episode said it all. He couldn't watch Juliette cry for long and said he would jump to save her from a bullet any day.

Even though he claims he lives a different life now and Juliette is a far memory, him confronting Robby on multiple occasions tells a different story. He crashed the grand opening party of fashion store Blend with Alyssa and later tried to pick a fight with Robby saying Juliette left her because a certain body part of his was tiny.

Robby didn't retaliate but said Alex likes to hide behind his money. The two could have gotten into a nasty brawl but Juliette broke it up, asked Alex and Alyssa to leave the scene.

Meanwhile, fans think even though Alex and Juliette's relationship may seem messed up, the two should have been together. 

"Alex and Juliette both moved on too fast, clearly they were still too in love with each other #SiestaKey," a fan wrote, while another shared, "Alex is sooo still in love with Juliette. Everyone can see it except Alyssa. #SiestaKey."

"Alissa doesn't think it's weird or embarrassing that Alex is trying to fight Robby who he hates bc of Juliette? Like he's still so IN LOVE WITH JULIETTE. #SiestaKey," a user shared.

"Alex is still so in love with Juliette. He wouldn’t be bothering w/ any of this if he wasn't. Not sure how his gf doesn’t see it but I'm cringing for her #SiestaKey," a fan expressed. 

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