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Are 'Siesta Key' stars Cara Geswelli and JJ Mizell dating? Fans share photos and feel it could be a bad idea

JJ was dating Amanda and they had a bitter split
Cara Geswelli, JJ Mizell (MTV)
Cara Geswelli, JJ Mizell (MTV)

As the world fights the novel coronavirus, Cara Geswelli and JJ Mizell are busy welcoming the summer in style. The two have been sharing selfies of them enjoying their time at the beach.

Although Cara and JJ haven't yet announced their relationship status, fans are freaking out thinking it may just be a bad idea. With some even saying that it was very brave of Cara to steal Amanda's boyfriend. 

While Cara shared photos of her in swimsuits enjoying with JJ, he posted a selfie of their's on his Instagram stories, screenshots of which have been shared widely on social media.

The photo doesn't prove anything, but it definitely gives off a good, relationship-y vibe. 

"Honestly so brave. I would never steal Amanda’s man. Especially with a new nose," a fan wrote, while another shared: "No just heard about him and now I'm seeing her with JJ which seems very odd and has me like wtf?! Wonder how Amanda feels about this."

"He’s just....ew to me. Cara can and should do better. I thought she had moved on from siesta drama but apparently not!," a user expressed.  "I also think Cara is thirsty. She’s not 'Unbothered' at all, it’s just the monotonous drone of her voice - she’s just a big fish in a small pond in SK," a viewer pointed.
 The two were dating other people in 'Siesta Key' Season 3. While Cara split with Garrett Miller, JJ and Amanda Miller broke up over a bitter argument. The two have controversial pasts that could come in the way of their relationship if they are at all in one.

Few episodes in and Cara left Season 3 over a spat with Alex Kompothecras, who stirred the pot as he asked if she was having an affair on the side while dating Garret. The entire cast was happy to see her go. 

Cara and Garrett had an on-off relationship, in which he was way more invested than she ever could be. The two had a nasty split at Brandon Gomes' birthday party where Garrett told her that she had been pushing him away.

However, Garrett was finally able to let her go and that one letter did the job for him. In the note, he mentioned moving on from her. Garrett has been dating Kelsey Owens, whom he was with before Cara came into his life.

JJ and Amanda were going strong and behind Brandon's back (whom she was double dating) for a while before their closeness started to restrict her. She said she wanted to have fun and keep the take-life-as-it-comes approach intact.

JJ removed himself from the situation but that's not to say the former couple will not get back together ever. They have broken up multiple times before and have managed to get back together. 

In other news, 'Siesta Key' Season 3 ended with an explosive sneak peek into the next season. Alex and his girlfriend Alyssa Salerno are shown to be having a baby. But their happiness is going to be short-lived given how invested Juliette Porter appeared in wanting to let the couple know that she and Alex hooked up in Nashville.