'Shrill' Season 2 Episode 6 takes a jab at women empowerment conventions that monetize feminism

'Shrill' Season 2 Episode 6 takes a jab at women empowerment conventions that monetize feminism
Aidy Bryant as Annie Easton (Allyson Riggs/ Hulu)

This story contains major spoilers for Season 2 Episode 6 of Hulu's 'Shrill' titled 'WAHAM'

Annie Easton (Aidy Bryant) had made a dramatic exit from The Thorn in order to be a freelance writer and work for no one else's bidding. But the freelance writer's life is not all that easy and after a month of not finding any work, Annie goes back to Gabe Parrish (John Cameron Mitchell) to ask for her job back. However, she returns to The Thorn only to be delegated the Freak of the Week column.

The Freak of the Week column is not what Annie wishes to do. She hopes to write about things that can make a difference.

In Episode 6, Gabe finally gives Annie a meaty article to write about a 'Women in Business' convention that is being held in the city.

Annie is pumped about the project at hand and wants to ensure that she writes a story that she is proud of. Somewhere, she also wants to prove to Gabe that now that she is given the opportunity, she is going to make the most of it.

At the convention, Annie is initially highly impressed by the community of women that the convention and its founder Justine (guest appearance by Vanessa Bayer) have built. But she soon realizes that it is really a way to monetize feminism and empowerment, especially since the entry to the event starts at $300. She begins doubting the purpose of an event like this because how will empowerment work out if the price tag is so steep?


In addition to that, Annie does some ground research talking to some of the women entrepreneurs at the event, one of whom has a stall for makeup for legs because that is apparently a big issue among women today. The episode also takes a jab at how women empowerment comes at a huge price, to be paid by women obviously. 

All episodes of Season 2 of 'Shrill' are currently streaming on Hulu.

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