Showrunners of 'Lucifer' reveal what could have happened in Season 4 if the show was not canceled by Fox

The question of if you could fall in love with the devil would have been answered in Season 4. However, showrunners are hoping some other network can save their show

                            Showrunners of 'Lucifer' reveal what could have happened in Season 4 if the show was not canceled by Fox
Caste of Lucifer (Source:Getty Images)

It is only natural to ask what could have been. 

Fans of 'Lucifer' were left heartbroken last week when Fox canceled the show after three seasons. The final episode that aired on May 14, left a problematic cliffhanger as Chloe saw Lucifer's devil face for the first time.

Co-showrunner Joe Henderson admitted that they wanted to keep it open-ended on purpose as they knew their fate may likely get sealed. 

"We knew we were fighting for our lives, so we created a season finale that demanded our return," Henderson told Deadline.

"Set up exciting new character dynamics that you couldn't wait to see come to life next season. We were still pretty confident on renewal, so we wanted to push things over the edge and make it impossible to cancel us. Oops!" he exclaimed.

His co-showrunner, Ildy Modrovich added, "We had no idea that we wouldn't get a chance to wrap up our story in some way."

The showrunners knew it was time for Chloe to know the truth. "We really are sorry to our fans if we won't be able to explore the fall out of that discovery," Modrovich stated.

While we may never see what follows next, Henderson teased the storyline we would be witnessing had the show been renewed. "That was the big thrust of season 4, exploring Chloe dealing with those ramifications, and how it affected her relationship with 'Lucifer'. Both professionally and personally. Can you work with the Devil? Can you love the devil?"

Modrovich also shared that surprise was in store for the fans.

"We also had an exciting character from Lucifer's past who was going to come in and mix everything up. A very personal, intimate figure who we won't reveal the identity of yet… until we find out if we get the chance to tell the tale on a new network."

Henderson affirmed that there are "many more stories to tell" for the show, while Modrovich said they were "hopeful" for another network to pick it up.