'Should I Stay or Go': Heather and Brad Fox face roadblock after wrong sets of windows arrive for renovation

Heather and Brad Fox take up the task of renovating Abby and Jay's outdated house, and assured them that it could be renovated and transformed

                            'Should I Stay or Go': Heather and Brad Fox face roadblock after wrong sets of windows arrive for renovation
Heather and Brad Fox (HGTV)

Heather and Brad have been working on making dreams into a reality. In the latest episode (Saturday, October 31), the pair met Abby and Jay, a couple who had been looking for a house that would fit for their family of four. Abby wanted a house that would be big enough for them to enjoy and relax. To make this happen, Heather and Brad decided to show them two houses that could be transformed to fit the needs of Abby and Jay. The first house was small, but the scope of the renovation was endless. Brad revealed they would add another floor to the house to make sure four bedrooms and two baths could be placed.

Meanwhile, the ground floor will be converted into space for a living room and a kitchen. Abby and Jay found it hard to imagine how their new house would look. Despite this, they did not give up and decided to see the second house. This house was a bit outdated and old. At the same time, it did not have a lot of houses around it. However, Heather and Brad managed to convince them that it would be a good investment. After a lot of thinking, Abby and Jay decided they should move out into a new house. Unfortunately, just when they made this decision, Heather and Brad found out that the house was sold. Rather than being disheartened, Heather and Brad assured them that their house could be renovated and transformed.

They decided to make the house bigger by adding another floor with big windows. Abby was particular about having the color white implemented in the house as much as possible. To make this happen, Heather decided to order white windows. While they were excited about this, at the time of the delivery, they noticed that the windows were black. Heather was worried the pair would be upset. However, they were pleased to see the window and thought it looked good. To make up for this, Heather and Brad decided to incur the pay for making the ceiling matchable to the window. Just when they thought things were not going to get worse, Heather and Brad realized the bathroom vanity was bigger in size.

To make sure it fits, Brad cut an area near the bathroom. This allowed the vanity to move in easily. Luckily, the pair was able to complete the renovation on time, and Abby and Jay were shocked to see the transformation.

'Should I Stay or Go' airs on Saturdays at 8 pm ET on HGTV.

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