Two-year-old girl mimics her parents and walks towards armed police with her arms raised in shocking footage

Two-year-old girl mimics her parents and walks towards armed police with her arms raised in shocking footage

In a shocking moment recorded on camera, a child was seen climbing barefoot out of a pickup truck and walking towards armed officers with her hands raised, mimicking her parents after they were detained by police.

Several officers are seen in the clip with their guns pointed towards a black pickup before a man emerges and walks towards them arms raised, Daily Mail reports.

The scene unfloded when shoplifting suspects Chad M. Bom and James W. McMullen were apprehended by Tallahassee Police in a busy parking lot outside a departmental store.

The police personnel were armed with pistols and rifles as they had been informed that the suspect were heavily armed.


After the suspects exit the vehicle, the two-year-old child is seen struggling to find her feet on the ground as she alights from the truck and approaches the police with her hands raised.



Tallahassee police received a major backlash after the footage went viral online, prompting them to release two body cam videos to prove they worked hard to get the two-year-old girl along with an infant boy, who was in the suspects' car at the time of the incident, to their mother.

Explaining why they were so heavily armed, authorities said that the staff at the store who reported the crime said the suspects were armed.

Upon a search of the vehicle, police retrieved a pellet gun in the back of the pickup truck.


"She's trying to get out but she can't because she's little," said the person recording the footage. "She is out. Oh, she's holding her hands up. Oh my God, look at that. Oh my God."

"They're still holding the gun at the baby," one witness is heard saying. While the other argues. "No, they're holding the gun at the car."

As cops dealt with the tense situation, they allowed the child's mother, who was also at the scene and one of the suspects, to hold her two children at the scene. According to TPD Chief Michael DeLeo, footage from 10 police body cameras was reviewed. Responding officers were reportedly surprised when the little girl popped out of the truck, before they asked the detainee if there were any other adults in the vehicle.



In the police body cam footage, the man allegedly replies saying, "No sir, just my two-year-old daughter and one-year-old son."


That said, the mother is seen retrieving the second child from the truck in a separate video.

"The body camera footage shows the officers' concern for the children and their compassion as they permitted the mother to care for the children," DeLeo said.

"The mom, who is a suspect, asks an officer to hold her two-year-old as she retrieves the infant from a car seat. I am proud of how officers handled the situation, how they adapted when they became aware of the children, the level of concern and compassion they showed to the family."

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 Shocking footage shows two-year-old girl mimicking detained parents approaching policemen arms raise