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Shocking clip shows 6 boys thrashing 12-year-old in Brooklyn deli, Internet asks 'are they medically stupid'

The police said the attack had resulted in the victim getting a bruise on his head for which he refused medical attention

BEDFORD STUYVESANT, NEW YORK: A gang of youngsters attacked and pummeled a 12-year-old boy in Brooklyn deli, as was seen in a shocking video clip. The video of the incident was released by the authorities and shows a group of boys kicking the victim. The boys also threw a bunch of shopping baskets at him during the incident which took place on Monday, July 13. The incident occurred at the First Stop Grocery on Marcy Avenue close to Pulaski Street in Bedford Stuyvesant. The group of attackers hurled soda cans at the child who is seen crouching on the floor in a defensive position. 

One of the suspects also kicks the child in the head as the whole crew leaves. The victim was left cowering on the floor with all the things that his attackers had thrown at him. The police said the attack had resulted in the victim getting a bruise on his head for which he refused medical attention. The victim's mother, Valerie Prince, spoke to CBS on Thursday, July 23, and said, "He said they came in right away and started beating on him, calling him all types of names." "He’s much of a loner who doesn’t have many friends. He’s afraid to come out. He doesn’t want to come downstairs," Valerie added. She had also shared with The Post that her son has been beaten up and bullied many times in the past as well.

Many social media users took to commenting on the incident, slamming the boys and also their parents. One such user shared, "WE Black Mothers gotZ TO DO MO BETTA as a community! I looked in my own backyard as my son grew up, when I saw behavior that was in any way destructive to their lives which would be to others I corrected it RIGHT THERE! Her kids are my kids! That’s the way we keep our kids ALIVE!"

"How can these 'young' men keep getting away with it? What are we going to do to stop these 'young' men from causing trouble? Maybe there is something we're missing. What is it that all these 'young' men have in common? If we knew that, we could better understand the issue," shared another user. Yet another social media user commented, "Don’t these animals know that there are cameras everywhere? Or are they simply medically stupid?" It is currently not known what had provoked the attack or how the victim was connected to his attackers. 

In another similar incident, a 12-year-old child was sucker-punched while he was dancing on the sidewalk. The man who had punched him, Cedric Charles Moore Jr has been charged with two felonies. The authorities were able to identify Moore after seeing video footage of the unprovoked and seemingly random attack, TMZ reveals. However, they are still on the lookout for Moore. The man who had shot the video, Michael Curry, says that Moore needs to be arrested as "anyone who's willing to hit a kid like that, there's no telling what they're going to do next".