What was Shock G's net worth? Inside Digital Underground rapper's fortune and Tupac collabs after death at 57

The artist was a multi-disciplined musician who produced tracks for the likes of Tupac, Dr Dre and Prince

                            What was Shock G's net worth? Inside Digital Underground rapper's fortune and Tupac collabs after death at 57
Digital Underground rapper Shock G died at 57 (Getty Images)

The world of hip hop faced yet another tragic loss as artist Gregory Jacks, known by his stage name Shock G, died at the age of 57. The rapper was the lead vocalist for the musical group Digital Underground.

Digital Underground member Jimi C Dright Jr, known as Chopmaster J, announced the same via an emotional post on Instagram. The cause of death is currently unknown. During the course of his career, Shock G produced work for a number of acclaimed artists such as Tupac, Dr Dre and Prince. 


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Shock G (Getty Images)

Who is Shock G?

Although Gregory Jacobs went by his stage name Shock G, he had multiple monikers such as Humpty Hump, Piano Man, Rackadelic and MC Blowfish. After relocating to Queens on account of his parent's divorce, he began to love hip-hop. In an interview with Alice Price Styles, he opened up about how his parents were rather different. He described it saying, "Daddy from the Burbs, Mommy from the Hood – growing up I wasn’t sure if I’m supposed to speak well or dance good." 

"But that’s how it was. The majority of my years were spent with my mom and dad at home, but they divorced when I was about twelve years old. Up until twelve I had a pretty normal, American phase, with a little back and forth," he added. "My mother wasn’t the type of person to let us be middle class. She always said, "I don’t like him going to the school where there aren’t other black kids; he’s not going to that school." She made sure I went to mixed schools, even when we were in a neighborhood where I would have gone to a predominantly White school," he said while talking about his mother's parenting style. 

Formed in 1987, Digital Underground consisted of three members — Shock G, Jimi 'Chopmaster J' Dright and Kenneth 'Kenny-K' Waters. The trio was heavily influenced by '70s funk bands and often sampled this genre which set the foundation for West Coast rap. 

Shock G (Getty Images)

His net worth is...

As per Celebrity Net Worth, Shock G's net worth is $3M. Among his many achievements, he produced Tupac's 1993 breakthrough platinum single, 'I Get Around'. He also guest starred in the video. He later produced the rapper's 1995 multi-platinum album, 'So Many Tears'. 

It was his former bandmate Jimi C Dright Jr, known as Chopmaster J, who took to Instagram to announce the tragic news. The post read: "4 years ago almost to the day we had a wild idea we can be a hip hop band and take on the world through it all the dream became a reality and the reality became a nightmare for some. And now he’s awaken from the fame long live shock G Aka Humpty Hump and Rest In Peace my Brotha Greg Jacobs!!! #digitalunderground."

Twitter too, mourned his loss. "Rest In Peace to the one, the only, Shock G of Digital Underground. He introduced us to 2Pac, gave us the “Humpdy Hump”, and was the one who put the satin on your panties. Rest easy," tweeted a fan. "Shock G was such a huge talent AND personality. To pull off the whole Humpty persona.....then, producing ALLLL of Digital Underground’s hits (Humpty dance, Same ole song, Freaks of the industry) AND Pac “I get around” and “So many tears.” And he could play keys for real," added another.

"For the uninformed & too young to remember, Gregory “Shock G” Jacobs (aka Humpty Hump) was co-founder of group Digital Underground which also launched the career of Tupac Shakur. A talented drummer, beautiful piano player & all around renaissance man, his loss at 57 is tragic," said a fan. "This. Really. Sucks. I LOVED ‘Digital Underground’ growing up. One of my favorite artists. They were so much more than just ‘The Humpty Dance’. ‘Sex Packets’ through ‘Who Got The Gravy’ were all great albums. God Speed, Shock G," added another. 

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