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#SHINeePavedTheWay trends as fans thank their favorite band for redefining K-pop industry

SHINee has continued to remain one of the top-selling acts in South Korea since their debut in 2008
UPDATED MAY 14, 2020
SHINee (Getty Images)
SHINee (Getty Images)

SHINee, arguably one of K-pop's most influential groups, found themselves trending after their fans aka 'Shawols' decided to list all the ways they have paved for the younger generation of South Korean idols.

Since their debut in 2008, SHINee have gone on to win numerous awards and have helped redefine K-pop musically and lyrically. They are also one of the groups that helped define the K-pop fashion and aesthetic. Their contributions to the industry have earned them the title 'Princes of K-pop'. So it comes as no surprise that fans are taking their time to shower the band with appreciation for all they have done.

Some fans were a little unsure of why the hashtag was trending, but they weren't complaining. One fan said, "Dunno why #SHINeePavedTheWay is trending but they definitely paved the way for my decade-long kpop/dance journey so i am HERE FOR IT," while another shared, "I have no idea why this is trending all of a sudden, but facts are facts! #SHINeePavedTheWay."

Donica Streling from America with members of SHINee on June 20, 2012, in Seoul, South Korea. Donica, diagnosed with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, visited Seoul to meet her favorite K-pop group (Getty Images)

The hashtag, it appears, stems from multiple SHINee fan groups coming together to celebrate the group’s accomplishments, particularly, how they helped reshape an entire industry, including their contributions to K-pop fashion as well as helping revolutionize K-pop dancing and choreography. The fan added, "They're basically the contemporary band which SM used as a 'guinea pig' for each new genre they touch on. Before SHINee, it's arguable that each genre may have been used before, but SHINee make them popular. (sic)"

SHINee has continued to remain one of the top-selling acts in South Korea since their debut. Jonghyun committed suicide at the age of 27 in December 2017.

Fans quickly jumped in on the hashtag to add more instances of SHINee redefining the K-pop industry. One fan tweeted, "SHINee was one of the first K-POP groups who was perfectly synchronized and had knife-sharp moves in their choreography. They paved the way for hard choreos in K-pop," including a video of the boys practicing their 'Lucifer' dance in a video that went viral among the K-pop community at the time.

Others recalled the time when they first came across the group. "When I first got into kpop a few years ago, literally every kpop fan I came across was either a shawol or SHINee fan. There was nothing but respect and admiration for SHINee regardless of their main fandom. Good times," tweeted one fan. Another shared, "#SHINeePavedTheWay is trending and I miss 2010! I’ll forever be Shawol. My first group that got me into kpop! Makes me miss 2nd gen kpop soooo bad."

Some fans recalled some epic SHINee moments, including this fan who joked, "A moment for the months that Taemin had to deal with being called a women during Lucifer era all because he had beautiful long hair." Another fan said, "I don't even know why shinee is trending but I WANT GRANDPA MINHO ERA BACK RN." Admittedly, when it comes to the all-too-recognizable K-pop style, hair and makeup, SHINee was one of the groups that pioneered the modern look.

Minho of South Korean boy band SHINee attends the opening of the 21st Busan International Film Festival on October 6, 2016, in Busan, South Korea (Getty Images)

Many fans shared their favorite SHINee songs, including this fan who tweeted, "One of the best debut songs in Kpop history. Don’t even bother fighting me on that #SHINeePavedTheWay," along with a video of the group's song 'Replay', which remains one of their biggest hits.

Another fan pointed out, "Let's talk about how 14y/o taemin did the replay dancebreak and devoured the center since then," highlighting how young the SHINee members were when they embarked on this journey to becoming one of the most influential South Korean groups of all time.

One fan also stated, "Shinee’s japanese discography is untouched... she’s top tier #SHINeePavedTheWay."

Other fans shared their favorite things about the group, including "Best team work," and "Unproblematic & successful. periodt."

Some fans subtly called out other fandoms for making similar claims about their idols' contributions to K-pop's success. One cheekily tweeted, "Well this is actually true #SHINeePavedTheWay." Another said, "Love seeing actual facts in this toxic place #SHINeePavedTheWay." When it comes to the art of throwing subtle shade, it's no surprise that fans of Shinee would be aces at it. After all, member Key is infamous for his sass, wit and ability to subtly poke fun at everyone — from fellow idols to his bosses, fans and beyond.

And as more Shawols continue to flood the internet with the hashtag with their favorite SHINee moments to prove that #SHINeePavedTheWay, one fan declared, "This is #SHINeeMonth."