'She Would Never Know' Episode 3: Hyun-seung tells Jae-shin to stay away from 'his woman' Song-ah

'She Would Never Know' Episode 3 sees Hyun-seung give Song-ah a twisted option that would work quite well, will she take it?

                            'She Would Never Know' Episode 3: Hyun-seung tells Jae-shin to stay away from 'his woman' Song-ah
Ro Woon and Won Jin-a in 'She Would Never Know' Episode 3 (JTBC)

'She Would Never Know' Episode 3 started with Hyun-seung (Ro Woon) telling Song-ah (Won Jin-ah) that the best way to seek revenge from Jae-shin was to do precisely what he had done to her but without informing him that she knew of how he had planned a wedding behind her back and dated her for two years. Not only that, the fact is that the woman that he had planned to marry was none other than his boss' and also his friend's sister. Initially, of course, Song-ah found it irrational to do something like that. There is also the fact that she had for just a little while hoped that Jae-shin would choose her and not the other woman. 

The thing is, none of them really know that he had been blackmailed emotionally to choose the girl that he did as his bride. When he had previously rejected the idea of dating his friend's sister, she had slit her wrist and that led to Jae-shin being put on a spot. He fell victim to the pressure and accepted his friend, who later became his boss', sister. 

A still of Jae-shin in 'She Would Never Know' episode 3. (JTBC)

That of course doesn't redeem him, but it is a detail that explains his attachment to Song-ah. However, the decision that he had made was to let go of Song-ah when she had asked if they could go public. He had relived their dating past in a moment and the sticky notes that he had cherished were crumpled without any second thought. However, whenever he asked to meet Song-ah, she put it off and also didn't respond to her messages. He did realize that something was wrong, but he could have never guessed what Song-ah was considering really. 

After having thrown enough tantrums at Hyun-seung, Song-ah has realized that whatever her junior had done for her was for her good. While it might have hurt her ego and emotionally, it was in her best interest and it was something that she had needed to know. So she decides to make up with him and the two of them quite seriously discuss the best way to get back at Jae-shin and Hyun-seung. She considers Hyun-seung's option of using him but is unable to stoop to that level, instead, what happens is that she tells him that they can come up with some other plan. 

However, all of that changes when Song-ah tells Jae-shin that things between them are over. However, Jae-shin is unable to accept and he also coincidentally happens to be waiting at her doorstep so she ends up seeing him right after the call. When she repeats that she wants to end things between them, he assumes that she is doing so for some other man and the first name that comes out of his mouth is Hyung-seung. Turns out that he has always been suspicious of her relationship with the junior and now he airs it. 

A still of Lee Hyo-joo in 'She Would Never Know' episode 3. (JTBC)

Only, Hyun-seung returns and sees how Jae-shin is trying to force an answer out of Song-ah by holding her hands and he ends up interfering. When he does that, Song-ah indicates that she accepts his earlier offer and ends up holding his hands. So that is when he ends up lashing out at Jae-shin and tells him to get out of his girlfriend's face. She doesn't stop him and instead ends up standing behind him as if to say that she agrees with him. So will Jae-shin end up getting revenge at work?

'She Would Never Know' is a TV adaptation of the webcomic 'Sunbae, Geu Lipstick Bareujimayo' which literally means 'Sunbae, Don't Put on That Lipstick' and it airs every Monday and Tuesday on JTBC. The show can be streamed on iQiyi. 

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