'She Would Never Know' Episode 11: Song-ah, Jae-shin's colleagues now know of relationship, will she be outcast?

'She Would Never Know' Episode 11 sees Song-ah and Hyun-seung get closer romantically, but it doesn't last as Jae-shin's fiancee makes an ugly scene in the office

                            'She Would Never Know' Episode 11: Song-ah, Jae-shin's colleagues now know of relationship, will she be outcast?
A still of Won Jin-ah as Song-ah in 'She Would Never Know' Episode 11 (JTBC)

'She Would Never Know' Episode 11 starts with Song-ah and Hyun-seung getting close physically as a romantic couple with their kiss and camping under the stars, and the two also end up getting closer otherwise. Their dynamics have definitely changed and it is nothing like that between a mentor and a mentee. The romance is present in every scene that the two of them appear in together. 

Since this happens to be the beginning of their relationship, it is cheesy and cute. Even when Hyun-seung falls in trouble with the team leader of another marketing team within the office after standing up for Song-ah, the two are present for each other. They also help each other come up with evil backup plans to teach this team leader a lesson and this shows that the two are a great match professionally too. 


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For instance, when the other team steals Hyun-seung's prize-winning idea for their own and claims that it is no big deal because they all belong to the same company, the boss ends up taking the team leader's side because he sees a logical point. While Hyun-seung ends up feeling extremely disappointed, it is Song-ah who ends up coming up with a brilliant idea. 

A still of Hyun-seung and Song-ah in 'She Would Never Know' episode 11. (JTBC)

To introduce Hyun-seung's product as a free product along with other products. This would undermine the other brand's product as they would only be selling the same product under a different label. So customers would of course want to try the free product and buy the same was it good. It is when she comes up with this plan that Hyun-seung appreciates her plan. There is no ego or hurt here but plain appreciation and that paves the way to the latter part of the show. The conflict in their relationship, if any would only be as a result of Song-ah's relationship with Jae-shin. 

Jae-shin was engaged to the boss Jae-woon's sister Hyo-joo. However, he hid this fact when he had approached Song-ah and began dating her. Of course, she broke it off with him after realizing the truth, but Hyo-joo is aware of none of the details. All that she knows is Jae-shin not willing to be away from Song-ah. She had seen him when he had tried to cling to Song-ah after she asked to break up and that has made her extremely insecure. 

In episode 11, we see how Jae-shin is finally sick of being suffocated by Hyo-joo and so decides to leave her and his post at the company that he had got as a result of being friends with Jae-woon. He doesn't explain why he decided to leave to Jae-woon and instead lets the siblings figure it out. Of course, he wouldn't have thought that Song-ah might end up getting into trouble. However, it seems like she will.

A still of Hyun-seung in 'She Would Never Know' episode 11. (JTBC)

Hyo-joo finds out that Jae-shin has left her for real this time after the tantrum that she threw and she ends up visiting his home. However, he is nowhere to be seen and that is when she decides to approach Song-ah at her workplace which happens to be owned by her grandfather, and she decides to create an ugly scene in front of Song-ah's colleagues. This will lead to Song-ah and Jae-shin's relationship becoming fodder for gossip. 

'She Would Never Know' is a TV adaptation of the webcomic 'Sunbae, Geu Lipstick Bareujimayo' which literally means 'Sunbae, Don't Put on That Lipstick' and it airs every Monday and Tuesday on JTBC. The show can be streamed on iQiyi. 

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