She'Marion Burse: Miami-Dade boy, 11, accidentally shot dead by brother, 13, after they stole mom's gun

She'Marion Burse: Miami-Dade boy, 11, accidentally shot dead by brother, 13, after they stole mom's gun
She'Marion Burse was accidentally shot and killed by his brother at their home (GoFundMe)

MIAMI, FLORIDA: An 11-year-old child was accidentally shot and killed at his Miami home by his 13-year-old brother with a handgun they stole from their mother, who is a corrections officer. She'Marion Burse was fatally shot in the chest as a result of an unintentional discharge that occurred while the brothers were playing with a handgun they had discovered in their parents' room, according to the police.

The incident occurred in the family's condominium in the city's Kendale Lakes area. Three other siblings of the children, aged 9 to 15, were reportedly present when the tragedy took place, according to the police. When Burse was shot, no adults were present, not even his mother, Tiffany Callaway, a Miami-Dade Corrections officer. 


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The disaster reportedly occurred with the boy's brothers watching as the infant died in a neighbor's arms, leaving the boys and other locals saddened. Although they have stated they do not anticipate filing any charges, police are still looking into the death, Daily Mail reported. Khameche Cuff, a parent of Burse's classmate, wrote on Facebook, "This is so tragic and immensely sad. My heart breaks for this family, and my son mourns the loss of his classmate. I know that none of you knew this little boy, but if you have the means to help this family I ask that you do." 

After watching the closing moments of the unintentional shooting, which happened on Thursday November 10 around 5 pm, one neighbor recounted, "Blood on the wall, him just laying there, taking his last breath, and it was just traumatic." The apartment complex renter, who wanted that her identity not to be revealed, informed local news source 7News that she was the one who dialed 911 after the single shot echoed throughout the building. She claimed to have then heard the boys cry for help. She'Marion lay bleeding and dying on the floor as the Hero entered the house to check. She recalled, "I called 911. I went inside the house,' the Horizons West complex resident told the paper. 'The baby was there, blood everywhere."

The neighbor recalled that She'Marion's brother requested to start CPR on his unconscious sibling after witnessing blood everywhere. She then complied but ultimately was unable to assist the young person, who she claimed would leave this world in her arms. She said, "I proceeded to do mouth-to-mouth CPR until he stopped breathing," she said she thought Shemarion had passed away at this time, and then she "just stopped." The neighbor said she fell apart seeing the tragedy so close. "I just apologized to the person that was over him. I knew he was a sibling also. I just walked out of the house and started to break down myself."

The boy was soon flown to the Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital, where doctors declared him dead. Investigators have subsequently confirmed that the victim's unnamed 13-year-old brother accidentally discharged the gun while handling it after removing it from a handgun case in the master bedroom closet.

The neighbor spoke with 7News about the disturbance she witnessed while attempting to save the dying youngster. "I was nervous, I was in shock but I was just trying to help." She added, "I have kids, so I know the panic, the scaredness. I related to that moment. I just acted like he was my family member." The neighbor accepted that amidst her willingness and ability, she has been shaken up by the incident after witnessing a boy so young practically die in her arms. She said that she is unable to imagine how the young boys who also witnessed the tragedy including the brother who fired the fatal shot are feeling. She said, "Him just laying there and taking his last breath was traumatic,' she recalled to the outlet. 'They were scared. I can't even describe the feeling. It's unimaginable."

Callaway, the boys' mother, created a GoFundMe page for funeral expenses and he was described as "kind, lively, and always there to put a smile on your face when you needed" by her in her memory of him. As the investigation is ongoing, we will be adding details to the story.

According to the American Public Health Association, the public health concern in the US is gun violence. With more than 38,000 deaths a year, it is the main cause of early death in the nation. According to data from the Gun Violence Archive as of November 11, this year has seen at least 17,512 gun-related fatalities and 20,790 suicides.

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