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Shereé Whitfield's She by Shereé website CRASHES, fans ask if they'll have to wait another 14 years for it to be fixed

After years of anticipation and wonder, She by Shereé has finally debuted, but fans are unimpressed because the clothes are too expensive and the website does not work
Shereé Whitfield finally debuted her She by Shereé fashion collection in the 'RHOA' Season 14 finale (Instagram/shereewhitfield)
Shereé Whitfield finally debuted her She by Shereé fashion collection in the 'RHOA' Season 14 finale (Instagram/shereewhitfield)

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: Shereé Whitfield finally successfully put on the She by Shereé fashion show 14 years after her disastrous first attempt, but not without a few hurdles along the way, including an unexpected visit from an ex-boyfriend, on the season finale of 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' on Sunday. Still, fans were quickly disappointed to discover a crashed website, out-of-stock merchandise, and expensive joggers.

"At this point, I've done everything I can do," Shereé said to cameras during a confessional. "The venue is booked, but the clothes, that's another story. "Shereé explained, revealing that she was having production troubles with her items. "I outsourced some work to a production house in New York, and she promised she would have everything in time, but right now, she has nothing to me," she explained. "I don't know what I'm getting, how many pieces I'm getting, and I'm getting frustrated."


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"I'm seeing red," she added. "I am beginning to have flashbacks, PTSD from the fashion show with no fashion 14 years ago. I am still embarrassed. I cannot, will not allow that to happen again." Shereé's initial effort at putting on a fashion show during RHOA's first season in 2008 didn't quite go as planned, since she didn't have any samples to show her guests owing to poor production and quality. Shereé announced the night before the concert that she only had five items and was waiting on 19 more. Yes, 19! "It's not looking so good right now," she said. "At this point, I'm doing all that I can, the clothes are out of my hands."

Shereé stated the morning of the fashion show that she had finally gotten 24 pieces – plus a few extras. At the end of the day, Shereé delivered the performance of a lifetime, and her co-stars couldn't be happier for her. Kandi Burruss stated, "She pushed through, she pulled through and got it done, I'm very proud of her."

"After 14 years, I did it," Shereé told the cameras. "I've had a lot of ups and downs. I've had a lot of letdowns. I want everyone who feels like they can't do it to keep pushing with prayer, determination, hard work. It will definitely pay off."

However, the happy moment didn't last long as fans have quite a number of complaints about Shereé's new line of clothing. Complaining about how low her stock is, a fan wrote: "Sheree had 3 items on that website (none of which we saw on the finale fashion show)…. And now the site doesn’t work. Sheree is a fool #RHOA." Talking about the insance price of the merchandise, another fan tweeted: "Sheree is crazy. She want $150 for a hoodie, and $125 for joggers. This shit is ! Website looks TERRIBLE. Just give it up auntie. #RHOA." Another fan wrote: "sheree charging that much for these ugly joggers lmao no ma’m NOT ME #RHOA." Fans are certainly not happy with the wait given the product they're getting now: "Sheree woulda been better off going to Vistaprint and slapping her logo on some merch instead of having us wait 14 years for some overpriced joggers and hoodies. #RHOA."





Complaining how the website isn't working upon launch, a fan threw a jab at Shereé by saying: "Sis, "the shop" on the website isn't working. Do we have to wait 14 years for it to get fixed? #RHOA." Questioning why she would name her label something like that given she is offering all gender inclusive clothing, a fan wrote: "If she was gonna do men's joggers too, wouldn't a name different than "She by Sheree" make more sense? It just seems so short-sighted lol #RHOA." Calling her 'delusional,' another fan wrote: "I can’t believe I tried to buy imaginary joggers from a fictional clothing line ran by a delusion woman… this Shit by Sheree has to stop #RHOATL #RHOA." Speaking on how Shereé's co-stars may react to this blunder, a fan wrote: "I went 2the website 2see these joggers from season ONE of #RHOA and I don’t see a jogger, a shirt not even socks! I clicked on the shop link & nothing opened up. Dreams by Sheree is a joke! @KenyaMoore is laughing at your fake a$$ company & fake bae @andy 2 @IamSheree gotta go."





The Season 14 reunion of 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' begins on Sunday, September 11.

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