Chinese trailer for 'Shazam!' is dope with references to Superman, Batman and a good dose of humor

Chinese trailer for 'Shazam!' is dope with references to Superman, Batman and a good dose of humor

'Shazam!', the first DC Extended Universe superhero movie to release this year, has created a lot of buzz with the trailer that were released earlier in March. The trailer was complete with humor, some great action and teenage indifference.

Now, we have an all-new trailer which was released for audiences in China and, for some strange reason, it has more footage than the American version. The trailer reiterates that 'Shazam!' is going to be an all-out fun movie. We picked out the top three things that were absent in the American trailer. 

1. The Superman-Batman reference


In the new trailer, Shazam realises that he can fly! For a 14-year-old boy in a superhero suit and his friend who loves superheroes, this can only be compared to the one man who is said to have it all, Superman.

So when Freddy Freeman compares Shazam's power to that of Superman, the Billy Batson in him is thrilled. Which is why we are served with a second reference to Superman. In this scene, a kid is seen playing with Superman and Batman action figures and, in the background, we see Shazam and Dr Sivana fly at each other. The juxtaposition is not only cool but also hilarious.

2. More powers for Shazam

Shazam doesn't just have super speed, great strength and ability to manipulate electronics. As shown in the new trailer, the man-child is bulletproof too. This is realized after Shazam is shot at by burglars at a 24/7 mart. He can, of course, fly. Then there is electricity which shoots out of his fingers as and when necessary. The fact that the trailer starts off with Freddy saying heroes have one superpower with Batman logo in the foreground? Of course, we know what was done here!

3. The clueless villain fights a man-child


When Shazam and Dr Sivana are up in the air facing off, the latter finds this to be the opportune moment to give a 'villain's speech'. The only trouble being Shazam is literally a mile away and can hear nothing but random noises from afar. He even tries to explain that Dr Sivana is too far to be heard but, who is he kidding, it's not like Sivana will pay heed to him. So, being the man-child that he is, he decides that flying at the evil doctor would be the best idea.  

'Shazam!' is slated to release on April 5 and will star Zachary Levi, Asher Angel and Jack Dylan Grazer in lead roles with Mark Strong playing the role of a villainous doctor.

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