What is Shawn Pomrenke's net worth? Inside fortune of 'Bering Sea Gold' star who started mining at 14

From near-fatal accidents to being a natural at the game, here's all about Shawn 'Mr Gold' Pomrenke

                            What is Shawn Pomrenke's net worth? Inside fortune of 'Bering Sea Gold' star who started mining at 14
Shawn 'Mr Gold' Pomrenke on 'Bering Sea Gold' (@beringseagold/ Instagram/ Discovery)

For those brave enough to bear the Bering Sea, untapped riches await them in the form of gold. While it sounds too good to be true, mining in Nome isn't for just anybody. It requires skill, knowledge, and in some cases the knack for it. If there is anyone who fits that bill perfectly, it would have to be Shawn 'Mr Gold' Pomrenke.

Pomrenke is practically synonymous with the show itself and now, seeing that it's entering its tenth year, the stakes are higher than ever.


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Mining is in his blood

There is a reason Pomrenke is known as Shawn 'Mr Gold' Pomrenke. He and his father Steve operate the Christine Rose — a massive excavator dredge on the Bering Sea. While he is a second-generation miner, his father Steve certainly put a lot on the line to follow his dream. He went from being raised on a dairy farm to becoming a gold miner in Alaska.

Pomrenke eventually joined his father and learned how to take on the rails from him. It wasn't long before he went from working under his guidance to working alongside him. However, it was a while before Steve struck gold, and turns out Pomrenke was a natural at it. As a formidable team, the two of them have mined gold worth millions of dollars near Nome. When asked about how his mining career started, Pomrenke replied that he was following his father's footsteps. "First I started mining with my dad at the age of 14. My dad started gold mining and I followed him into it. We moved to Nome, Alaska when I was 13 years old from Minnesota," he explained on a Reddit thread.


While it seems like they have a great relationship, it's not without its own flaws. While Steve has a clear record, Pomrenke has gotten into trouble with the law on account of drinking under the influence, as reported by TV Over Mind.

In fact, he's has a few DUIs to his name. However, when it comes to his work, Pomrenke is entirely focused on mining and making money. His run on the show is proof that he does not take his job lightly. "Once you go under that sheet of ice, there’s no margin for error. You know that water’s under 28 degrees,” Pomrenke said on the show. "One small mistake could cost you your life. You’re truly on your own. Your life’s in your own hands. The doubt creeps in: Do I have what it takes? Should I be doing this?" He added. "But, of course I’m gonna do it," he added, while talking to the camera. "I’m ‘Mr. Gold.’ I’m gonna show everybody why they call me that."

His net worth is...

As reported by TV Over Mind, Pomrenke's net worth is currently $3M. He also earns around $200,000 per season for starring on 'Bering Sea Gold'. It is reported that he also has other companies and holdings, although there is no information regarding this, they could very well serve as additional income.

When it comes to mining, Pomrenke is known to strike it big. In 2016, he allowed the fleet to handle his untapped Claim 38 and they walked away with 20 per cent of the gold that they found.

He's had a near-fatal accident in the past

Mining in the Bering Sea certainly comes with its own risks, but for Pomrenke, an accident that proved to fatal took place on land. Pomrenke got into an altercation at a bar. Things quickly escalated as the other party pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the back. Pomrenke had to be hospitalized for the same.

Is Pomrenke in a relationship?

While the miner isn't active on social media per say, he has been a part of Reddit AMAs (ask me anything) in the past. In one such session, a fan asked if he was married, to which Pomrenke simply replied, "Nope, no wife." But this was reported four years ago. We wonder if there's a 'Mrs Gold' now.

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