Sharon Stone and JFK Jr's rumored affair almost led to his wedding to Carole Bessette being called off

Stone was among the many women that JFK Jr, then voted 'The sexiest man alive' by People magazine, was reportedly involved with

                            Sharon Stone and JFK Jr's rumored affair almost led to his wedding to Carole Bessette being called off
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Sharon Stone revealed last week that she was writing a tell-all memoir of her life that will also include her alleged affair with John F Kennedy Jr. 

"I've written a book, it's out of the end of the year or the beginning of next year," the 'Basic Instinct' actress told supermodel Naomi Campbell on the latter's show 'No Filter With Noami," on Thursday, April 16. 

The only thing that is known about the book so far is its title, 'The Beauty Of Living Twice.' And while the 62-year-old star is staying tight-lipped about the contents of the book, her alleged romantic affair with JFK Jr was a highly publicized episode of Stone's life in the late 1990s. 

Stone was among the many women that JFK Jr, then voted "The sexiest man alive" by People magazine, was reportedly involved with. Other names included stars such as Madonna and Julia Roberts and Daryl Hannah.

Reports of Stone's affair with JFK Jr were so rampant in the media in fact, that it almost led to the breakup of the most eligible bachelor at the time and his then future-bride, Carolyn Bessette.

A CNN article about JFK Jr and Bessette's private wedding, read, "The road to the altar was rocky. There were reports that Kennedy proposed only after Bessette became enraged over tabloid stories saying he had had an affair with actress Sharon Stone. In February 1996, Kennedy and Bessette were videotaped in a very public lovers' quarrel in the middle of Central Park. At one point, Kennedy grabbed the engagement ring off her finger and sat down on a curb to cry. The tape was aired on a TV newsmagazine show."

Nevertheless, JFK Jr did end up marrying Bessette, laying to rest all the gossip about him being involved with different women. In September 1996, he declared at his rehearsal dinner, "I am the happiest man alive."

Sharon Stone speaks on stage during the GQ Men of the Year Award show at Komische Oper on November 07, 2019, in Berlin, Germany (Getty Images)

Since their affair was never confirmed, it is difficult to say for sure if their "relationship" was all a baseless rumor or there was some truth to it. Stone and Kennedy Jr were definitely familiar and friendly with each other. 

An exchange between the two observed by a Washington Post reporter Art Buchwald in 1995 — around the time the actress was supposed to start shooting for the movie 'Diabolique' — did shed some light on the kind of relationship that the pair shared. 

Buchwald was accompanying the actress on Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts, and they were strolling near the lighthouse when JFK Jr made an entrance on his bicycle. His recalled the meeting in an op-ed later on, which read:

"He stopped to say hello, but despite what the papers said, he did not kiss Sharon's hand. Sharon gripped my arm tightly and said, 'Is he for real?'

'Of course, he is,' I told her. 'What you see is what you get.'

'Why does he turn me on, and you don't?'

'Because,' I told her, 'My beauty is real. His is an invention of George magazine.'"

John Kennedy Jr with wife Carolyn Besset arrive at 'Bright Night Whitney"' a retrospective celebration of a century of American art at the Whitney Museum in New York City March 9, 1999 (Getty Images)

Buchwald remembered having small talk with the duo, mostly talking about how their stay had been on the Island. Then came the journalist's all-important observation on the alleged couple: "I observed no chemistry between John and Sharon."

He said that every time Kennedy would try to have a conversation with Stone, she would deliberately turn her head to look at Buchwald. The reporter also implied that apart from the complete lack of the flirting vibes, there was also the possibility that the so-called affair was all in Stone's head. 

"She whispered, 'If he offers to show me the lighthouse, think of a good excuse why I can't go.' I assured her that John was not that type of guy. Then John announced, 'Well, I've got miles to pedal and promises to keep. Goodbye, everybody, and may the wind always be at your back.' After he left, I asked Sharon, 'Did the earth move for you?' She said, 'It takes more than a man on a bicycle for the earth to move for me,'" Buchwald wrote. 

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