Sharon Osbourne claims Simon Cowell hates 'overweight people' as she reignites feud with him

Sharon Osbourne and Simon Cowell's feud has started yet again after she makes the allegation that he does not like overweight people

                            Sharon Osbourne claims Simon Cowell hates 'overweight people' as she reignites feud with him
Sharon Osbourne and Simon Cowell (Getty Images)

Sharon Osbourne and Simon Cowell's relationship has been filled with ups and downs but she had everyone believing that their long feud had finally come to an end when she explained that it wasn't personal. However, it looks like things have taken a turn as Osbourne recently accused Cowell of not liking overweight people. 

The TV personality made these claims while speaking on her 'Honest AF' podcast where she claimed that the music mogul does not like "overweight people" and has very dated opinions. She also claimed that he did not award Jennifer Hudson the winning title on 'American Idol' because of her physique. 

"Simon doesn't have an ability to see individuals. He doesn't like people who are overweight. Seriously," Osbourne said, as reported by Daily Mail. "That's why he turned down Jennifer Hudson, that's why he wouldn't champion her on American Idol. But it's the truth. He's very dated."

This is not the first time that the 67-year-old has raised a finger at Cowell, 60. Previously, she had stated that she was chosen as the judge for 'The X Factor' but was later removed by Cowell because she was "old." This was the start of their feud. Osbourne had mentioned that she had turned down the offer to judge 'The Masked Singer' because she thought that 'The X Factor' would be a better option. 

However, she was later informed that she was not going to judge the show anymore. Osbourne also pointed out how Cowell chose to have people like Demi Lovato and Britney Spears beside him, hinting that she was right when she said Cowell did not want her because she was old.

She also went on to claim that 'America's Got Talent' is a "boys club" and that it is run by Cowell. Osbourne claimed that on the show, women did not have any say and it was the boys who had the last say for everything. 

After Gabrielle Union was removed as the judge, Osbourne claimed that Cowell will be taking over the show and his views would be the ones that would be imposed. While there was a brief moment where Osbourne hinted that things were fine between the two, hearing her recent rant makes it look like the two have started their rift once again.

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