'This is a good place to end': But Sharknado's Cassandra Scerbo still hopes for more

Cassandra Scerbo who plays the fierce Nova in the series, tells Meaww, how the final installment of Sharknado has something for everyone

                            'This is a good place to end': But Sharknado's Cassandra Scerbo still hopes for more
Cassandra Scerbo (L) (Source: Getty Images)

Sharknado started in 2013 as a self-aware B-movie which transformed into a ridiculuous but hilarious series which has spawned 5 sequels, with the last being ready for release on August 19.

The series is a science fiction disaster comedy about a tornado which lifts the sharks out of the ocean and deposits them on land, destroying everything and everyone in its way. As the production house, SyFy claims, Sharknado 6 will be the end of the franchise but fans remain hopeful that this won't be the end.

Cassandra Scerbo, well known for her character Nova from the series, shares with Meaww her experience and journey so far just as Sharknado 6 inches toward an action-packed finale. 

For Scerbo, any Sharknado premiere is one gigantic world party that everyone gets super excited about.

"It is not just a movie, but it is an event," shares Scerbo. in Sharknado 5 'Global Swarming,' the character of Nova is an energetic, confident and empowered woman who is ready to fight till the end and save the world from sharks. 

"I always try to find an arch for my character and I love playing the fierce and empowered female. It is a great role and a blast. Who doesn't love some action?" 

Sharknado 6 like its predecessors promises to be an exciting fare and is believed to feature time travel, dinosaurs, and knights amongst many other crazy things.

"Nova has a few emotional scenes in the movie and I absolutely love drama, so I had so much fun as an actor. We have done everything in space and gone all around the world for Sharknado 6."

According to Scerbo, Sharknado 6 has something for everyone, given the number of things that are happening in the film. 

"This movie was shot in many different places and there are crazy things which are happening from start to end. We go through so many different time periods in history including pre-historic era, renaissance era, revolutionary war amongst others. There is so much going on," she says. 

Unfortunately for all Sharknado fans and the cast, this is likely to be the last film in the popular sci-fi series.

"This is a good place to end and I think that we are ending it perfectly. It is definitely sad as I have been a part of this franchise of the 6 sequels that have been made and 6 sequels of a movie is rare and is a result of the immense success that the movie had," Cassie shares.  

"We have had some incredible times and the cast got very close to each other. The project enabled us to travel to places like Italy, Japan, Bulgaria, Romania and has given way to many beautiful and exciting journeys whether it is with the things to do or the people that you meet. With the geographical diversity of the movie, it is able to engage people from all over the world." 

As many fans are hoping, we asked Cassie about the possibility of a spin-off to which she said, "I am hoping for a spin-off and if there ever is one, Nova should definitely be a part of it, Long Live Nova! We are the originals and it feels like family. It would definitely feel the most right when us three are together battling it out against all the sharks. These characters have become such a big part of pop culture and Nova is not going anywhere." 

An actor's job is to be like a blank canvas and take on the character that they are supposed to play, and naturally, over a period of time people do get close to the character they play.

"It is so sad that the series is over, these characters do become a part of you. The best part is that the fans are the ones who will keep your characters alive for years and years". 

"Being someone who comes from classical training and traditional techniques and to be thrown into Sharknado is kind of funny," Cassie reveals.

"However, I always try and find an arch for my character and love playing the fierce and empowered female".

Sharknado 6 will be releasing on August 19, 2018 with many fans and followers expectedly looking forward to another Shark battle.