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‘Shark Week’: SCARY footage shows expert diver narrowly escape jaws of a GREAT WHITE

Jimi Partington, expert diver, narrowly escaped an attack by a great white shark after it damaged the cage he was sitting in and forced him to swim for his life
Expert diver Jimi Partington (pictured) had a close call with the giant great shark (Jimi Partington Instagram page and CNN screenshot )
Expert diver Jimi Partington (pictured) had a close call with the giant great shark (Jimi Partington Instagram page and CNN screenshot )

Jimi Partington, a skilled diver, had a close encounter with a gigantic great white shark. Video shows the shark damaging the cage diver was sitting in and this has made him swim for his life. 

After climbing, Jimi looks down into the crystal-clear water and keeps an eye on the interested 16-foot shark that repeatedly draws closer and closer. The diver is thrown into the water when the shark rapidly rushes on its final run and slams against the Perspex box. In a heartbreaking video from 2020, he makes repeated tries to jump back in before giving up and swimming desperately to a neighboring boat.


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The great white shark attacked the expert diver Jimi Parrington ( Screenshot/CNN)
The great white shark damaging the cage where the expert diver Jimi Parrington is sitting (Screenshot/CNN)

Speaking to CNN, Jeff Kurr producer and director of Discovery's 'Shark Week', said: "I have never seen something this terrifying before in my 32 years on Shark Week and it's also unbelievable that Jimi didn't get a scratch when he was struck by the shark." He added: "We captured on camera the footage, we thought he was dead when the 16-foot-long shark came near him like that which is unsurvivable." Amazingly, Jimi eventually goes swimming again despite the close call.

Expert diver Jimi Partington posted on his Instagram page: “It’s been three years in the making and I can't wait for you all to see my incredible journey, including the closest I've ever been to a Great White Shark!!" He added: “Thanks again for everyone who helped get me here after all that's happened, all my friends and family have been incredibly supportive and for that, I'm so very grateful.”


The video of Jimi's encounter with the large shark was uploaded by Shark Week on Facebook. The post reads: “This was Jimi’s defining moment” After surviving a stroke and battling PTSD from his near-death shark encounter in 2020, Jimi Partington has taken every opportunity to get back into the water - including a life-changing submarine dive. The crowd was drawn in by the video, which prompted several comments. One follower said, "Fascinating story. Hopefully, Jimi gets back out there soon. That attack would have had anyone shook. Strokes are no joke and the pandemic didn't help." Another wrote, "First show of Shark Week, and it's a bust! Wasn't about sharks. Just about Jimi and his year-ago shark attack, which it's good, he survived, but Shark Week is supposed to be about sharks. The types of sharks, their fave hunting grounds, etc. The humans used to be secondary as the stars were the sharks."


When did 'Shark Week' start? 

'Shark Week' was debuted in July 1988. 'Caged in Fear' was the first program to run as part of the inaugural 'Shark Week'. Discovery made the decision to prolong the programming block because of its popularity. On Monday, July 25, 'Shark Week' on the Discovery Channel returns for its historic 34th season.