When will ‘Shark Tank’ Season 12 Episode 17 air? All about Misfit Foods, Chill Systems, Tandem Boogie and Totes Babies

Last week, Simply Good Jars and Pinch Me Therapy Dough got good deals... What will happen this time around?

                            When will ‘Shark Tank’ Season 12 Episode 17 air? All about Misfit Foods, Chill Systems, Tandem Boogie and Totes Babies
Lori Greiner on ‘Shark Tank’ (ABC)

Are you a swimming enthusiast? Or a new mom? The new ‘Shark Tank’ episode has loads of products tailor-made for everyone — with pitches ranging from veggie meat, bodyboard and a car seat carrier! Last week, Simply Good Jars and Pinch Me Therapy Dough got good investments but Muff Waders and BusyBaby Mat failed to clinch a deal. What will happen this time around? 

“An entrepreneur from Brooklyn, New York, unites veggies and humanely raised meats to create a delight for taste buds with his eco-friendly approach to sausage making. Two entrepreneurs from Los Angeles try and stay chill as they pitch their ultra-portable product designed to keep things cool,” the episode synopsis reads.


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The summary continues, “A family from San Clemente, California, boogie down into the tank and try to bring the Sharks on board their unique take on riding the waves. Finally, a father and daughter from Naperville, Illinois, offer up a stress-free solution for a common problem parents face while shopping with their newborn.”

Mark Cuban on ‘Shark Tank’ (ABC)


Who are the Sharks?

The Sharks in this episode are Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec and Guest Shark Daniel Lubetzky. “I'm back in the tank TONIGHT for an all-new episode of @ABCSharkTank. I can't wait for you guys to see this one, it's going to be a lot of fun,” Lubetzky posted, teasing his return on the show. 

Meanwhile, Robert Herjavec shared a snippet from the episode and wrote, “WOAHH - hang on ! ! Going for a wild ride in the Tank this week. Catchin' waves and an all-new episode of Shark Tank tonight at 8/7c!”




Robert Herjavec on ‘Shark Tank’ (ABC)


What are the new products?

Catch all the scoop on the products pitched in the episode here:

MISFIT FOODS: Meats that are half meat, half vegetables! Confused? The official website claims, “We unite veggies and humanely-raised meats to create complete delight for your taste buds. No processed substitutes or textured vegetable proteins.”

CHILL SYSTEMS: Crave chilled drinks? These tripod drink coolers made with sustainable materials could be perfect for you. The official website explains, “Enjoy ice-cold drinks — anywhere! The Chiller cools down beer, wine, spirits and more — and it's only about the size of a football. Chill a new round every 30 minutes for up to 6 hours.”

TANDEM BOOGIE: A bodyboard that can fit two people. Wait, what? Yes, the latest ‘Shark Tank’ product is dubbed as: “One Inflatable board that handles all seasons and all occasions. Perfect for catching waves, towing behind a boat or sliding down the snowy hill Xmas morning.”

TOTES BABIES: Car seat carrier for your babies to carry them in a shopping cart! “This one-of-a-kind hammock style carrier keep germs at bay by keeping baby in their car seat and allows little ones to go sleeping undisturbed. Makes an excellent gift for any parents with young children,” the product description states.

Tandem Boogie on ‘Shark Tank’ (ABC)


What is the ‘Shark Tank’ update?

In a ‘Shark Tank’ update, Season 12 entrepreneurs Angie Kupper and Matt Mundt update us on how their Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based adult swaddle company, Hug Sleep, has been able to scale up production after demand skyrocketed following their appearance on the show with some help from their investors Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner.

The founders of the company — Matt Mundt, and Angie Cupper — came to the tank seeking $150K for a 10% stake in their company but ended up going home with a deal with not one but two Sharks. In its latest Instagram post, the brand shared, “Introducing Sleep Pod Move! The next generation of Sleep Pod. We have added additional sizes for the whole family. Sleep Pod Move also allows for added mobility, so you can stay tucked in all day!”



When will ‘Shark Tank’ Season 12 Episode 17 air?

Shark Tank’ Season 12 Episode 9 returned to ABC after the winter break on January 8, 2021, at 8 pm ET. Catch the latest episode featuring Misfit Foods, Chill Systems, Tandem Boogie and Totes Babies on March 12, 2021, from 8 pm ET to 9 pm ET.

Sharing a clip from the episode, the official Twitter handle posted, “This isn't the dolphin tank... #SharkTank is all-new TONIGHT.” In another post, they said, “Do these entrepreneurs have what it takes to *chill* with the Sharks?”





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