'Shark Tank' Season 11 Episode 12: Ben Stern's Nohbo Drops update leaves viewers thrilled over the success story

'Shark Tank' Season 11 Episode 12: Ben Stern's Nohbo Drops update leaves viewers thrilled over the success story
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Three years ago, in the 2016 edition of 'Shark Tank' Season 8, a 16-year old Ben Stern introduced an innovative product to the sharks. Nohbo — a water-soluble, eco- friendly product that he had invented had greatly impressed the sharks, especially Mark Cuban, who agreed to invest in Stern’s startup.

Today, after a few roadblocks on the chemical formula and manufacturing fronts, Stern is back in business and thriving well and good. As is the tradition of the show, every episode of 'Shark Tank' features an update on one of the earlier entrepreneurs and how they are doing.

When Episode 12 featured Ben Stern's business, Nohbo Drops, fans got emotional about Stern's difficult journey since he appeared on the show, especially after he lost his biggest inspiration, his grandmother.

One fan found this particular segment of the episode very touching. She said, "I'm crying this update is so heartwarming so happy for his success  #sharktank". Another fan joins in saying, "Omg this update #SharkTank"

Others like this fan congratulated Stern on his achievement. He said, "CONGRATS TO #NOBOballs on your huge success!!!! Sorry for your loss but excited for what's to come!!!! @mcuban @ABCSharkTank #SharkTank."

With investment and other operational help from Mark Cuban, Ben Stern's Nohbo has managed to move northward in sales, have an extensive B2B distribution channel in hospitality and travel industry.


Now, with his shark and a big manufacturing and development team, Stern is all set to foray into direct to the consumer market and make Nohbo Drops a household name.

One fan was impressed with Cuban and how he made Stern’s dream come true. He said "@[email protected] Mark, We are watching #SharkTank like we do every Sunday. Hearing the update on your investment #NOVO hand shampoo. Was very impressive how the young man reinvented the product and himself. Glad it worked out for both you. #SharkTank #NoVo"

'Shark Tank' Season 11 airs every Sunday at 9 pm only on ABC.


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