‘Shark Tank’ Season 11: Fans find guest judge and 'Kind Bar' owner Daniel Lubetzky's story inspiring

‘Shark Tank’ Season 11: Fans find guest judge and 'Kind Bar' owner Daniel Lubetzky's story inspiring

Daniel Lubetzky’s story of “rags to riches” has managed to win many hearts on the premiere episode of ‘Shark Tank’ Season 11. Daniel who is the CEO of popular snack bar company – Kind Bar, was the guest judge of the episode. We got to learn the story of his humble beginnings on the episode, and to say it was inspiring is an understatement.

Daniel is a Mexican-American entrepreneur, whose father was a holocaust survivor. The billionaire spoke about how his father’s worldview molded his own. Daniel’s father always spoke about the kindness he received from various people through the course of his life, including the American soldiers, this inspired Daniel to start his own snack bar company and name it 'Kind' as a homage to his father. Through Kind Bars, he wants the consumers to be kind to their body and health while enjoying not only a tasty but also a healthy treat.

Fans absolutely loved Daniel’s inspiring back story. Despite having very limited resources at his disposal, he managed to educate himself and become a very successful entrepreneur. Several fans took to their Twitter to express their awe towards Daniel. A fab wrote, “Kind isn't just his business, it's true to who @DanielLubetzky is. His story and drive to help others is what makes him such an amazing entrepreneur and perfect guest Shark this season #SharkTank." Another fan wrote, “Loved hearing the back story of @DanielLubetzky & how @KINDSnacks began on #SharkTank." Kind Bars is one of the most popular snack bars in US market, and Daniel attributes it to the high-quality ingredients and his company’s passion to ensure that everybody leads a healthy life. A fan tweeted, “Watching #SharkTank #Season11 and love that the CEO of #KINDBARS is on, he's just someone I totally admire."

New episodes of 'Shark Tank' Season 11 air at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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