‘Shark Tank’: Fans intrigued by Pili Nuts and say they can't wait to try them

‘Shark Tank’: Fans intrigued by Pili Nuts and say they can't wait to try them

When Mr. Wonderful aka Kevin O’Leary of ‘Shark Tank’ fame says he doesn’t know about something, you must stop and pay attention to what is being shown. On the recently aired episode 6 of ‘Shark Tank’, an entrepreneur Jason Thomas came on the show and gave an impressive presentation for his company called ‘Pili Hunters’, which sells pili nuts-based products.
In case just like Kevin and the rest of us you’re wondering what a pili nut is, then don’t worry, we got you covered. While kite surfing in the Philippines, Thomas came across the nut which is native to the country. He had a bit of it and was smitten by the nut. He packed 15 pounds of the nutty goodness and brought back home with him and began selling it himself. Pili Nuts boast of a rich nutritional profile. With very low carbs and high fat, they are certainly on their way to becoming the new superfood on the block.

The Pili Hunters pitch on 'Shark Tank' left fans curious about these exotic nutritious nuts. (ABC/Eric McCandless))

Pili Nuts grow inside a green fruit that looks like an avocado, and inside the fruit is a shell. When you break open the shell there’s a pili nut in it. Thomas describes the nuts flavor as rich and buttery. The sharks too couldn’t stop munching on them and raving about how smooth and buttery the nut was. Unfortunately for Thomas, although the sharks loved the nuts he couldn’t secure an investment from them but left the audience intrigued about the nuts and wanting to try them.
Several fans took to their social media to express their interest and curiosity about the nuts. A fan wrote, “I’m intrigued, I will be ordering some of the Pili nuts! #Sharktank”. Another fan tweeted, “The Shark’s reactions are making me want to try pili nuts! #SharkTank”. “Wow pili nut taste that good? Okay #SharkTank”, expressed a fan. A fan tweeted, “Pili Hunter, would love to try this nut   #SharkTank”.
New episodes of 'Shark Tank' season 11 air at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.


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