'Shark Tank': How NightCap got an instant deal with Lori Greiner to stop the 'scary' drink spiking problem

Fans were impressed with Shirah and Michael's pitch for NightCap and expressed that the 'product is an amazing solution to a scary problem'

                            'Shark Tank': How NightCap got an instant deal with Lori Greiner to stop the 'scary' drink spiking problem
Lori Greiner, Shirah and Michael Benarde on 'Shark Tank' (ABC)

The sharks on 'Shark Tank' are very picky when it comes to closing deals. They nitpick every last detail related to the business while focussing heavily on numbers before deciding on whether to invest in a company or not. So, for a shark to immediately jump in readily to invest as soon as the entrepreneurs finish pitching is a huge deal.

On the latest episode of 'Shark Tank', two young entrepreneurs — Shirah Benarde and her brother Michael Benarde — walked into the tank ready to pitch their simple yet unique drink spiking prevention wearable. 


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The brother-sister duo started off by highlighting how spiking of drinks is rampant everywhere. Shirah then explained how she heard a horror story related to it from a friend, and she was determined to come up with a solution to keep everyone, especially girls safe when they are out for drinks. So, she reportedly slept on it and came up with the idea for NightCap in her sleep.

Shirah and Michael Benarde (ABC)

NightCap is essentially a simple scrunchie, with a stretchable lid concealed inside it. Shirah emphasized how the scrunchie is easy to use and also reusable. When it was finally time for them to share the numbers, the young entrepreneurs impressed the sharks with how well the company was doing. They revealed how their sales had increased significantly in the last four months after they worked on their website optimization and social media. 

While all the sharks looked at Shirah and Michael with admiration, Lori Greiner immediately jumped in before any other shark came up with an offer. She explained that very rarely a product triggers her passion and that she felt very passionately about NightCap, considering how common yet rampant the problem of spiking drinks is, especially in college campuses, and bars, putting women at risk.


The brother-sister duo came into the tank seeking $60K in exchange for a 20% stake in the company. Lori was happy to give them the $60K but she insisted that she wanted a 25% stake because she wanted to be an integral part of the company. She even assured them that she would blow up the product in a major way so that every woman has access to it.

The remaining Sharks saw Lori's passion and urged the entrepreneurs to accept Lori's deal. Hence, Shirah and Michale took the deal and left the tank feeling happy at how quickly and effortlessly they managed to secure a deal from the shark.

Fans too were impressed with the NightCap pitch and praised Shirah, Michael and Lori. A fan wrote, "Awesome deal! Sad this product is needed. My brother had his drink spiked at a dance and he was hospitalized from the incident. Night Cap will save lives! #sharktank." Another fan wrote, "This product is amazing solution to such a Scary problem without a doubt I would buy one im So happy to see them get a deal and it be with my fav shark! Congrats @LoriGreiner #sharktank." 



Another fan expressed, "I’m SO HAPPY! Congrats @LoriGreiner this is a brilliant product and I’m so glad to see it exists and will help so many people! I want all my girlfriends to have it, so I’ll definitely be buying! So excited for this! #SharkTank."

"Nightcap, congrats Shira and Michael, congrats Lori, wow feel your passion. #SharkTank," pointed a fan. Lori once again reiterated her passion for NightCap in her tweet, "I don’t think I've ever seen a product come into the #SharkTank that resonated with me more in a social mission way to help protect people. @ABCSharkTank."




'Shark Tank' season 12 airs every Friday at 8/7c on ABC.

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