K9 Mask on 'Shark Tank': What is the cost, who are the founders and is the air-filter mask for dogs fit for Covid-19?

Will Kirby Holmes and Evan Daugherty manage to get a deal from the sharks after pitching their one of a kind air filter mask for dogs?

                            K9 Mask on 'Shark Tank': What is the cost, who are the founders and is the air-filter mask for dogs fit for Covid-19?

Thanks to the increasingly deteriorating air quality across the globe, we might be forced to resort to face masks for long after the Covid-19 pandemic ends. While we will continue to use masks and take every precaution to ensure that the poor air quality won't hamper our health and well-being, ever wondered what about our beloved pet dogs? Just like us, even our four-legged friends pay the price for the toxic air around us. Unlike us, they can't stay cooped up indoors all day, as they require regular walks and exercise. So, it becomes extremely important that our dogs too are protected from inhaling the toxic air. In case you're wondering how you can protect your dog, then read on to know all about K9 Mask, an air filter mask for dogs, that will be shown on the upcoming episode of 'Shark Tank'.

What is K9 Mask?

K9 mask in an air filter mask for dogs. It is the world's first air filter mask for dogs. This air filter mask claims to protect dogs from breathing toxic air from smoke, ash, dust, smog, chemicals, pollen, allergens, ozone, and bacteria, that could adversely impact their health. The product's official website describes the product as, "K9 Mask® by Good Air Team seeks to make the world a place where your pets can live happier and healthier lives by breathing better air. Our goal is to empower dog owners to protect the short and long-term health of their pets with innovative air filter solutions designed for their dog. K9 Mask® protects dogs in wildfire smoke, dust storms, volcanic ash, tear gas, chemical spills, red tide brevotoxins, pollinating vegetation, allergies, bacteria, mold, and fungus." 

Kirby Holmes and Evan Daugherty pitching K9 Mask to the sharks on 'Shark Tank' (ABC)

Who are the founders?

Cousins Kirby Holmes and Evan are the brains behind this unique product for our furry friends. Kirby, who is also the CEO of Good Air Team, grew up visiting his grandparents in southern California every summer. During his visits there, he noticed the blazing wildfires that burnt on the hills near his grandparents' home. As a child, Kirby was scared of the horrific tales he grew up hearing about the fires. As he grew older, he noticed that the people began using air filter masks to protect themselves from the smoke emitted by these fires. 

He then began wondering about the dogs who needed to step out to for their walks and nature's call, during the wildfire season, He was concerned about their safety, as there were no masks for dogs in the market. So, he roped in his cousin Evan and began working on designing an air filter mask for the pooches. The duo spent months developing prototypes and doing product testing. At the beginning of 2019, they finally completed the design for the world's first air filter mask for dogs and reached their Kickstarter Campaign goal to begin the production of these masks in March 2019. 

According to their product website, "Kirby and Evan are both Texas natives and long-time Austin residents. Kirby attended Texas Tech University and Evan attended Texas State University. Evan is a veteran product designer who works at Dell Technologies with experience in digital media and technology UX (User Experience). Kirby is a global leader serving in local and in international non-profit organizations as a missionary and pastor with experience managing manufacturing sales representatives (KirbyHolmes.com). Together they form a team with high capacity and people-focused solutions, especially people with pets."

Kirby Holmes presenting K9 Mask pitch to the sharks (ABC)

What is the cost?

According to the company's website, a simple blue colored mask with a carbon filter costs $59, while the colored variants cost $69. One can also purchase a pack of five air filter refills for $25. The website is currently running an offer of 20% discount on all products. 

Where to buy?

You can get an air filter mask for your pet pooch from here

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