'Shark Tank': Why couldn't Jax Sheets grab $212,000 deal? Fans joke 'looks like material used to make blouses'

Asking for $212,000 investment for a 10 per cent stake, Wen Muenyi walked onto the stage and impressed the Sharks but failed to get a deal

                            'Shark Tank': Why couldn't Jax Sheets grab $212,000 deal? Fans joke 'looks like material used to make blouses'
Wenceslaus Muenyi aka Wen is the founder of Jax Sheets (ABC)

Did you know single men only wash their bedsheets once every three months? If you are one of those nasty, smelly men, this ‘Shark Tank’ product is for you. Designed by founder Wenceslaus Muenyi aka Wen, Jax Sheets claims it is 3X more breathable and 7X softer than cotton sheets.

Most sheets are only comfortable in the winter or the summer, but Jax Sheets is said to be incredibly thermoregulating, which means they will keep you comfortable in both, cold and hot months. During an emotional-getaway trip to Iceland, Wen only packed one backpack of clothing and very quickly realized that his one backpack wasn't going to be enough. The bad smell from his clothes rang his curiosity bells and he started studying textiles.

Fast forward to 2019, Wen's company HercLéon released the first active-clean shirt, the Apollo self-cleaning shirt with a Kickstarter campaign. 


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Wenceslaus Muenyi (Hercleon.com)

Why didn't Wen Muenyi get the deal?

Asking for $212,000 investment for a 10 per cent stake, Wen walked onto the stage. When Sharks asked him about his profit, he said it takes him $33 to make the sheet and it is priced at $148 — giving him a profit margin of $70. Sharks were not too happy about him selling T-shirts and asked why did he want the exact ‘212’ number. 

Wen's answer was “Because I wanted to say the number without stuttering.” Moreover, when they asked if he could actually get $2 million in sales, he said, “I mean it Might not be true,” and made all Sharks guffaw with laughter. 

Politely giving a thumbs down, the Sharks said no to him saying that he didn't need a partner as of now. “You are this business, this business is you,” Cuban told him, adding, “We would just corrupt it. I don't want to kill your mind I am out.” Lori went on to say she saw him as a whole package — a really fantastic cell phone without service. And for those reasons, she opted out too. Even though Wen didn't get a deal, he didn't lose his confidence or optimism and walked out saying, “My name is Wen. All I do is win.”

Jax Sheets on ‘Shark Tank’ (ABC)


‘Tide hates this man’

Although he didn't get a deal, Sharks were very supportive and wished him all the best. Lori Greiner said, “You are such a nice guy,” and all others wished him good luck. “You are amazing. One of the best ever,” Mark Cuban even went on to say.

Spilling her thoughts on Twitter, Lori said, “This guy is priceless, had us cracking up, it always goes better when you tell us the truth about your business.”

Daymond John posted, “You can have a great foundation for your business and be the most honest, happy-go-lucky person in the room, but without having all the numbers an investor needs in order to make their decision, unfortunately, it just doesn’t always work out.” Kevin O'Leary poked fun at the product saying, “@tide hates this man!! Sheets can go a year without being washed? Now I’ve seen everything!”




‘Jax Sheets might be overpriced’

Many fans were impressed with the product. “I tell my kid that using hand sanitizer just moves the dirt around and makes it clean, but doesn't remove it. Sheets that stay fresh because of their fiber content can still collect a whole lot of ick, right? Hello dust mites!” one tweet read 

Another said, “Jax Sheets might be overpriced for the #SharkTank, but this honest, humble, hard-working #entrepreneur is a breath of fresh air! Insufficient sales? I smell a #royaltydeal. #inspiration #Entrepreneurship,” and a third added, “How do sheets made of silk, bamboo, and copper hold up in the dryer? Someone please ask!” A fourth joked, “Bro, why it looks like the same material that's used to make blouses? LMAO!!!!”





A bit too pricey, Jax Sheets are available on the official website at a steep price of $179. You can also pay in four interest-free installments of $44.75. 

Do you think he deserved a deal? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

‘Shark Tank’ Season 12 Episode 9 returned to ABC after the winter break on January 8, 2021, at 8 pm ET. Catch the new episode featuring Jax Sheets, The Pizza Cupcake, IceBeanie and Draft Top on February 12, 2021, at 8 pm ET or 7 pm CT on ABC.