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'Shark Tank' Season 12: K9 Mask grabs $200,000 deal with Daymond John, but will dogs let you put mask on them?

While fans were happy to see the K9 Masks owners get a deal, they were however skeptical about the success and functionality of the product
UPDATED NOV 21, 2020
Kirby Holmes and Evan Daugherty (ABC)
Kirby Holmes and Evan Daugherty (ABC)

Thanks to the ongoing pandemic, and the wildfires, face masks have become a non-negotiable accessory in our daily life. While, we humans put on our masks and go about our day, have you ever spared a thought for your furry four-legged friends? Just like how the poor quality and toxic-laden air adversely impacts our health, it has the same effect on our beloved pets too. So, in order to address this issue, Texas-based entrepreneurs, Kirby Homes, and his cousin Evan Daugherty came up with a solution.

The brothers used their rich engineering knowledge and experience to design an air-filter mask for dogs. These masks use charcoal filters to ensure that our pets too can enjoy the outdoors without developing any respiratory problems. When Kirby and Evan pitched the mask to the sharks, they were seeking a $200K investment in their company -- K9 Masks in exchange for 20% equity.

Kirby Holmes shows K9 Masks to the sharks (ABC)

The sharks were both intrigued and skeptical about the product. Lori Greiner, and Blake Mycoskie decided to back out from the deal because it was too niche a product. Mark Cuban seemed skeptical about how successful the product would be in the market, so he too bowed out. Kevin O'Leary aka Mr. Wonderful just simply said no to the deal without giving any explanations or even attempting to negotiate. Daymond John however decided to take a chance and offered the entrepreneur duo a counter-offer of $200K for 45% equity in their company. 

The brothers tried convincing Daymond to bring down the equity to 30%, but he wasn't willing to budge. So, finally, they made a deal with Daymond for $200K for a 40% stake. While fans were happy to see the K9 Masks owners get a deal, they were however skeptical about the success and functionality of the product. Several fans pointed out how their pooches would never allow the mask to be put on them. A fan tweeted, "I had dogs and there would have been no way to keep a K9 mask on them for 5 minutes. Like the time I thought that reindeer antlers would be cute on them for the holiday cards. #sharktank."  


Another fan pointed, "At first glance, nope. #SharkTank The dog has that 'get this thing off of me' look going." "Yeah, my Husky would say #imout on the K9 mask. #SharkTank," wrote a fan. "Those dogs don’t look happy at all and for that reason I am out #SharkTank," joked a fan. Another fan commented, "dog masks no way dogs are keeping that on! #SharkTank."





'Shark Tank' Season 12 airs every Friday at 8/7c only on ABC.