Shannen Doherty recovering well after undergoing reconstructive surgery, two years after mastectomy

Shannen Doherty posted pictures of herself in the hospital while she recovered from reconstructive surgery following a mastectomy

                            Shannen Doherty recovering well after undergoing reconstructive surgery, two years after mastectomy
Shannen Doherty (Source: Getty Images)

Shannen Doherty revealed she is recovering from her latest surgery. Taking to Instagram on Monday (May 14), the former Beverly Hills 90210 star shared a photo from her hospital room which showed her lying on the bed with her mother, Rosa by her side. 

"Happy Mother's Day mom," she captioned the photo. "I only bring you to the best food..yum. I love you. Thank you for always being there. I'd write more but pain pills are kicking in. @themamarosa #reconstruction." Earlier this month, Shannen had shared with her fans that she will be undergoing a surgery. "My doctor had me bank some blood for my upcoming surgery. Mars P was patient with me and didn’t even roll his eyes at my anxiety over the needle size. He was patient, kind and really good," she wrote. 

"As I sat there banking blood for myself, I asked him about some of the people also donating...," she continued, "especially the ones with TVs. So two of them come every 2 weeks and donate platelets which takes 2 hours. Another girl comes as often as allowed to donate blood. To say I’m moved by the generosity of people is an understatement."

Shannen was first diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2015 and the actress revealed that the disease had spread. She had to go through several rounds of chemotherapy along with mastectomy. Just last month Shannen revealed that a post-cancer tumor scan came back "elevated".

Sharing the update with her fans, Shannen wrote on Instagram, "I’m staying positive and taking stock of my life. It certainly helps put things in perspective and reminds you of what you learned thru the cancer journey. And I sometimes, need a refresher." She then returned to work following two years of battle with cancer and shared how happy she was to get back to work while working on the sets of Heathers. 

"Was back on set today. It's been a rough two years. Fighting cancer. As an actor, people bench you. They assume you're too weak, not able etc etc. and yet it's something like work that invigorates and renews strength to conquer the unimaginable beast," she wrote. "I compared myself to a car today. That vintage Shelby that's been in the garage too long. It's still a great car. The best. Just needs time for the engine to warm up and it's good to go. Performing like it's supposed to.”