'I was really lucky': Shannen Doherty gets candid about her battle with cancer

Actress Shannen Doherty decided to open up about her battle with breast cancer and how difficult the road to recovery had been

                            'I was really lucky': Shannen Doherty gets candid about her battle with cancer

After battling breast cancer, Shannen Doherty is returning to TV. The actress was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 and recently gave her first interview after the diagnosis. 

Appearing on 'Good Morning America,' Doherty talked about her difficult journey and the next steps in her life. Shannen shared, "Everything's going really well. You hear the word remission and it's a rush of different emotions. It's like, 'what's next?' There's a little bit of fear and apprehension. I felt lost for a second. I was like, 'now what? But then it sort of starts seeping in and then you get joyous and you get so excited but then you got to wait for that five-year mark and that 10-year mark--so remission is a crazy word to me". 


After her cancer diagnosis, Doherty had to undergo treatment including chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. The actress took to Instagram to document and record part of her difficult experience. "I know sharing helped me because when I got back, these beautiful stories from other people, what they were going through ... giving me hope and support and love, it really helped. It's truly a family. There's something so beautiful about the journey," she shared. 

Doherty also added that her husband, mother, and her friends were a great support for her while she had to undergo the treatment.

"My husband was phenomenal. He took off a ton of work, really took fantastic care of me. My mom was always there. They would tag team. I was really lucky," Shannen said. She also shared that she feels as though her three-year-long cancer battle has made her better at her profession. 


"I think it made me a better actor, I also think it made me a better human being. It takes down all your walls, all your barriers, everything that life sort of threw at you...you're guarding yourself so yea, that all comes tumbling down," she revealed. 

In her latest movie which is titled 'No One Would Tell', Shannen plays the role of a single mother whose teenage daughter gets into a very abusive relationship. Doherty shared, "For me, it was an amazing role because the mom was not completely flushed out. The way that I work is I like to build a character from the very beginning of conception. I wanted to know that I could do this. I wanted to make sure that I was back and I was ready for it."