'Shahs of Sunset': Tommy Feight vandalizing Reza's home to support wife MJ is 'true love', say fans

'Shahs of Sunset': Tommy Feight vandalizing Reza's home to support wife MJ is 'true love', say fans
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Reza Farahan's shocking abortion comment made in public was bound to have repercussions. "Your uterus exploded because you had 10 abortions," Reza yelled at Mercedes 'MJ' Javid at a pool party with a bunch of strangers present at the scene.

Reza may have been upset ever since he learned that Adam had been sending nude photos to Ali Ashouri. But what really got to him was knowing that it was his friend of 30 years, MJ, who convinced Ali that Adam was sexually harassing him by sending questionable content. Even then, it doesn't warrant such behavior.

MJ's husband Tommy Feight reacted to this episode by vandalizing Reza and Adam's new home. He threw a few pots and planters in their backyard, all of which was caught on camera. The couple was having lunch at Reza's mother's place when the incident took place. 

Later, Mike Shouhed and Nema Vand met MJ to understand her perspective on the matter. She, however, defended Tommy's actions by saying that he was feeling protective of his wife and children, which made him do what he did. Even though the two condemned Tommy's way of responding to the situation, fans think he was being a great husband by wrecking Adam's house.

"Tommy standing up for his wife is the same energy my husband has. That's true love. I don't condone destruction but he needed some sort of closure. He needed to feel like he responded accordingly. #ShahsofSunset," a fan shared. Another wrote: "Tommy should have thrown that rock through Rezas window. He's so scared to get the beating he deserves #shahsofsunset."

"What Tommy did was so crazy? I would love to see Nema and Mike's reactions if a guy said the same to their significant others  #shahs #ShahsofSunset #BravoTV #bravo," a viewer said. "Are we in the twilight zone it’s okay for what Reza said but y’all got a problem with how tommy responded are y’all men or boys cause y’all acting like kids that don’t know any better #shahs #shahsofsunset (sic)," another posted. 

"List tommy did what any husband would have done and how’s he gonna call tommy low class when he threw a drink like a little bitch in a restaurant ugh I’m so mad #ShahsOfSunset (sic)," a viewer tweeted. 

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