'Shahs of Sunset' Reunion: Andy Cohen accused of favoritism as cast bashes MJ, fans say 'he sides with bullies'

MJ was struggling to put her point across and when she requested Andy to switch on the mute button, he said 'I don't have that power'

                            'Shahs of Sunset' Reunion: Andy Cohen accused of favoritism as cast bashes MJ, fans say 'he sides with bullies'
Andy Cohen (Getty Images)

Andy Cohen hosted 'Shahs of Sunset' reunion special on Sunday. As expected, it was an explosive episode where all the claws came out. Accusations, heartbreak, betrayal and humor — the show boasted of every shade of emotion, which explains why there was so much to be explained and talked about. 

One of the highlights of 'Shahs of Sunset' Season 8 reunion was Reza Farahan and Mercedes 'MJ' Javid addressing the root of their ongoing feud. If one saw them going at each other, it would be hard to believe that they have been friends for 30 years.

MJ has been accused of spreading cheating rumors about Reza's husband, Adam Neely. While the majority of the cast seems to believe it's true, she tried to make them see it wasn't. Even though at one point during the special, she acknowledged that she had something to do with the rumors, but at the same time, she steered the focus on Reza and how he never visited her when she almost died during childbirth. 

Things got heated up rather quickly and soon MJ was struggling to put her point across. She requested Andy switch on the mute button so that she can share her side of the story but he said: "I don't have that power." And this had fans livid. MJ was being cut off by the rest of the cast members and thrown off by the questions Andy was asking. Viewers thought Andy was taking sides and allowed everyone to gang up on MJ.

"I have never screamed at the TV so much as I have watching this Shahs reunion. Andy you mute all the women from the housewives. He could mute everyone else so MJ could talk? Andy laughed while MJ got bullied instead of telling everyone else to shut up," a fan commented. While another shared: "@Andy 'doesn’t have the power' to mute the men that keep interrupting MJ, but he had no problem muting Black women on the RHOA reunion. #ShahsofSunset."

"Did it on VPR reunion too. I am seriously getting a bit disgusted at his blatant favoritism on each show," a viewer shared. "Wait. Andy doesn't have the power to mute?? But he sure did on #RHOA, right? Obviously @Andy doesn't like MJ & it shows on how he's siding w/Reza & Adam. #ShahsofSunset," another tweeted. "He always sides with the bullies," a user tweeted.

Catch part 2 of the 'Shahs of Sunset' reunion special on Bravo, on July 26, Sunday.

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